A squeal, gasp...

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Hello my crazy psychopaths, I have come to a conclusion that I should write a sequel. The squeal though will not be continuing the story of Die aka Psychopath or her son Dino (De-no). I do love them both very much, but I want to focus more on the school this time.

There will be new characters, new rules and more the psycho. I am actually wanting everyone to make characters for me so I can add them in. It will give the story a lot more personality as well as randomness.

I will give you a sneak peek though to my character, before releasing the squeal. It will just be a sneak peek to what insanity is yet to come.

I would like to thank Meg_and_Molly for being the first character. I'm going to bring Shadow to life in this squeal.

To enter your character you must have the following:
1.) Name (very important that it goes with the characters personality, it could also be a nickname)
2.)Gender (It doesn't have to be male or female)
3.) Age (It has to be in the range of middle and high school)
4.) Looks (Give me a description of hair, eyes, skin, height and more so I can get a good image of the character)
5.) Personality/Background (This is where you tell me why this character belongs in this story and what they did to become a psychopath)

Please have fun with making a character, just go crazy(literally). I would really like some feedback, you can either comment the character or send me in through personal message.

I hope you enjoy the squeal when it's out.

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