Chapter Twenty Four: The Nymphs and their Satyr

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UGH! This was the first time this story went out of my control. Next chapter will be better. We will get Arion’s story and finally meet the Seers.

Enjoy. Lia

Jebidiah POV

I was lying on my back as I stared up unblinkingly at the ceiling trying to calm my racing thoughts. I was in a small room within the nymphs’ home. The nymphs’ house was basically a giant cabin build in several trees. They chose trees that grew close together and connected them with wood and plank; it was very luxurious and everything about it scream wilderness. From what I understood, the material they used to build it was all found in the forest and nothing else.

I sighed and turned on my stomach gazing at her beautiful face; she looked peaceful as she slept but I needed her to wake up. I lied over her putting my hands on either side of her head so I could hold my weight. I intertwined my left hand with her right and used my right to play with her hair, running my hands through the soft locks.

I gazed at her sleeping face for a long time and then groaned, resting my forehead on hers.

“Please wake up.” I beg softly and waited to see if she would hear me – nothing – no change at all. It has been one week since we arrived at the nymphs’ house. One week and Primula was still sleeping. At first we thought it was a coma, but Sarion, the satyr for the nymphs’ assured us that she was merely sleeping. We waited for hours for her to wake up, but hours turned into days, days into week, still nothing.

I stopped playing with her hair and took her left hand, kissing her palm. I looked back at her face to see if she moved or show any sign that she was feeling me, anything, but there was no movement, only the soft sound of her breathing as her chest move up and down.

“Why won’t you wake up?” I asked her tiredly. Everyone was worried. We had no idea what was going on inside her head and if she would ever wake up. There was so much going on since we arrived at the nymphs’ place but it was all put on hold as we try to find a way to wake up my sleeping mate.

Right now Vates and Krista were making different potions the witch thought would be helpful, not that I was allowing Primula to drink any of them. The first few tasted disgusting and they didn’t even work.

“Come on Primula, wake up.” I held her and turned us around until I was lying on my back and she was sleeping on my bare chest. Sarion said we should move her once in awhile because sleeping in the same position was bad.

“Baby wake up or gave us a sign as to how to help you.” I waited, searching her face for any type of emotion. I didn’t care which – it could be discomfort or happiness as long as I was seeing something, I would be over the moon. Still, she didn’t move, not her face or her body.  I kissed her neck and bite down, putting pressure on it a little. I remove my mouth from her neck and gazed at her face to see her facial expression but she was still the same. I was running out of ideas and ways to wake her up. We had tried everything, from shaking her awake to putting ice cold water on her face and even feeding her some of the concoction Vates and the nymphs cooked up, but still nothing worked. I kissed her so many times to see if she would react but nothing!

I let out a huge breath and absent mindedly bite her neck as I thought back to how we were led to the nymphs.

After our battle with Dahaka, we followed Dean throughout the forest hoping that my hunch of him leading us to them was spot on. At first I was confident that my plan would work but after seeing the crazy turns and twist Dean was making as he danced around the forest gyrating his hips like he was some belly dancer, I was beginning to doubt myself. Soon, Vates comment of us being led into a trap started to creep up inside me. I was nervous. I didn’t want to lead us into a trap especially with Primula sleeping as she shakes in my arms.

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