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Hello, I'm Freya. My parents named me after a goddess of beauty, life, sorcery and love. I wouldn't say I was different, or unusual to anyone else. I'm actually pretty normal. Apart from one thing, only a small thing.

No one else has them. My wings.

No one knows how I got them, my parents were shocked when I was born. A tiny baby, but with these tiny dents in my back.

They hadn't said a word to the doctors or nurses, they let me grow, and now I have a stunning, great wings growing from my back.

My mother had been worried at first, she was willing to find help, but my father knew what was best. To carry on a generation of winged humans like me.

But there is no one else.

So I better start telling the story as it is now. In the presence. Not future. Not past. But now, in the moment.

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