Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Sirens

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We continued running through the woods, both of us keeping an eye out on our surroundings while we did. It had to be past curfew, so luckily everyone else would be inside. Besides us, there would only be the security Supernaturals roaming the outskirts, but how could a Catcher get through them?

Luckily, we made it too our building but all the doors were locked. Inside, the lights were off, just like the average lockdown procedure you could find in schools. Cole immediately began pounding on the doors, yelling at them to let us in. Sure enough, someone must have either heard, seen, or read our minds to know that we were out here and opened the door, ushering us inside, before locking it again.

"Go to your dorm," they ordered. "Lights off, remain quiet. We don't have any information about the break in."

In all the time that I've been here, the dorm hallways have never been this quiet and vacant. Cole and I remained on high alert as we traveled as quietly as possible before landing in front of my door. Before I could even fetch my key, it opened and Claire pulled the two of us inside.

"Are you crazy?!" She whisper-screamed at us. "You two had to go on some romantic rendezvous the day we have a Catcher get through! Could your timing be any more horrible--"

"Sorry, mom," Cole rolled his eyes at our friend. "We accidentally fell asleep. I'll be home before the sun goes down next time."

She looked us up and down, as if just now taking in our appearance. Having swam and then fell asleep, we were still dressed for the water instead of normal activities in public. "And you're naked? Are you serious?"

Cole shrugged, taking a spot on my bed as if he owned the place. "What can I say? She couldn't keep her hands to herself--"

"Cole!" I interrupted him, already turning bright red from their words. To any other person, this would've looked way worse than what actually happened. Luckily Claire was a Mind and could, and most likely already did, read our minds to see what happened.

She shook her head at the two of us before sitting down, staring intently at the wall. "Alex is probably worried sick about you so I'll send a message out to him."

As we sat there waiting for the clear, Cole explained to me that they frequently had drills that happened just like this. However, they were always notified about them ahead of time so this wasn't one of those instances. When a Catcher does make it past the fence, all of our instructors go on a hunt for it, or them if there's more than one, to track it down. It isn't very common because even though the Catchers and Katherine know we're here, there are a lot of us in one place. They rarely try to make it past and when they do, they're killed.

Between the three of us, Claire was the most shaken about this experience. I didn't understand at first, but then I realized that she, and most of the others here, probably hadn't even seen a real Catcher in person before. Me and Mackenzie's pick up missions were peculiar in that aspect, meaning that we did run into our enemies, but that is usually very rare. I'm sure it has to do with our Big Six reputation and even though the times I have encountered them were terrifying, it did give me an edge to my peers.

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