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The party had died down and the house was full of sleeping and drunk strangers. Hero and I had talked all night, about the country of winged people and what life had been like.

Eventually we had fallen asleep in each others arms, our wings tucked around us like blankets.

I was cold when I woke up.

I opened my eyes and found that I was on May's bed, alone and cold. The window was wide open and freezing air was rushing into the bedroom.

Hero was gone.

I stood up, my legs felt like jelly, my wings felt heavy. A piece of paper fluttered out from a pocket in my shorts.

I picked it up and read it in my head.

See you soon.
Hero, xx

I sighed and laughed aloud, I was beginning to think it was all a dream.

I safely tucked the note back into the shorts pocket.

I danced down the steps, then my foot tripped over something and I saw myself falling down the stairs.

I screwed my eyes shut, when I opened them my wings were keeping me afloat at the bottom of the stairs.

It seemed I had tripped over a drunk idiot.

The house was silent as anything. Sunlight streamed through the windows.

I had to find May and tell her about Hero.

"May?" I half whispered.


I scanned the room.

Then I see her dangled over the banister, attempting to get downstairs.

She stumbled and tripped over an empty beer can, I ran to her and caught her.

"Thanks." She mumbled. "Aww shit. My head is killing me."

I patted her sypetheticly.

"Well, at least your party was a great hit!"

"Wha- oh. I couldn't find you anywhere."

"I was with Hero."


"Someone just like me! They had wings, I swear, and it was a boy."

May laughed.

"Yeah. It your dreams. Babe, your not sober."

I was furious. She didn't believe me.

"No. I haven't had one drink! I'm telling the truth."

"That's the drink talking. See you later, I need to prepare my apology to my parents for this."

She jestured to the drunk people and vomit, not to mention all the corners and small spaces where people had taken the night a little too far.

I gave up. I would show her. I couldn't wait to see the expression of her face.

Still I walked out through into the main hall, opened the front door and left.

I didn't want to be involved with the huge party mess.

I could fly back, even though my parents said not to. I opened my wings up again and soared through the sky at a slow speed, keeping an eye out for any flying people other than me round here.

I wasn't so lucky.

I landed softly at my front door, opened it and called for my parents.

"I'm home!"

I skipped into the kitchen, I nearly fainted when I saw Hero pleasantly chatting with my dad. No wings though.

"Don't be alarmed by her wings, Hero. We don't know how she got them."

Hero nodded and pretended to be fascinated with my pearly white wings.

So this wasn't expected, he can't have said anything about his own past.

"Freya! This is Hero, the new paper boy. I invited him in whilst he was having some trouble finding May's house to deliver this."

He held up a rolled up paper.

"I told him best not go as the party aftermath has just started!" My dad chuckled and shook his head.

"Well, thank you. I ought to leave now."

"I will show you out-" I said edgily.

Once we were outside Hero burst into laughter.

"Your face when you saw me! Priceless. Freya! Oh, and hi again. I was trying to find you but I got lost- so guess what. I bump into your place."

Hero grinned and me.

I sighed and turned around, starting for the door. Suddenly an icy blue flame shot out from the ground in front of me, then it spread around me in a circle.

I spun around to face Hero again.

"What did you just do!"

He shrugged.

"Anyone can do it. It's just most people don't know how."

Hero walked towards me and stepped through the wriggling flame. Our eyes met for a few seconds and his hands found mind. We just stood their, in a ring of flames, together.

I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like if I didn't have wings, to make them dissappear so I could be like Hero.

I wish I could make them come and go as I please.

"I wish." I whispered, so quietly no one could hear except me.

I felt Hero's finger tips gently lifting my chin up.

Hero leaned forward slowly and held both of my hands loosely, then I felt his lips on mine and I knew in those few seconds I had found my other half.

Hero leaned forward slowly and held both of my hands loosely, then I felt his lips on mine and I knew in those few seconds I had found my other half

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