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I woke up feeling happy.

The sun was bright outside and the beautiful blue sky only made me feel even happier.

I looked outside and I could hear footstep from above.

I smiled.

I went to open my wings, and I was horrified to see I didn't have any to open.

"What?" I muttered.

Then I remembered. I must have found my own way to make my wings come and go when I wanted.

I rolled my eyes and jumped onto the window ledge.

I thought about how I had made my wings go. Well I was thinking about what it would be like to not have my wings, maybe it would work the other way round.

Having wings was great, I could see everything and I could be free to do anything...

I looked into my full length mirror.

I felt a tingling on my back, it must be working! And I wouldn't of found Hero of course- suddenly my wings threw themselves from my back and opened wide.

Wow! This is it!

I danced on the window ledge and let myself fall off the ledge.

My wings caught me and flew me up to the roof.

Hero was sat there looking smug. I stood up and carefully and jumped forward, wings sprung from his back and he soared right up to the sky.

I followed, I had never flown so high before...

"What do you think?"

Hero flew in one place and pointed to the sea of clouds, I can't tell you how stunning they are!

Hero flew in one place and pointed to the sea of clouds, I can't tell you how stunning they are!

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Amazing aren't they?

"It's- I'm speachless."

"Exactly." Hero was suddenly right next to me, he kissed my cheek.

I could stay up here forever.

"Dance with me!"

Hero took my hand and spun me around, we started to dance in the clouds, our wings keeping us safely in the sky.

"Freya!? Where are you?" My dad bellowed from down below.

"Uh oh. You better leave, I need a short cut into the garden."

Hero smiled and picked me up, spun me around again and tenderly kissed my lips.

"Bye!" He whispered, then he literally dissappeared from behind me.


Oops. I flapped my wings a little harder and sped through the fluffy clouds.

I spotted my garden and delicately landed on the tallest tree.

"I'm up here, dad!" I yelled back.

"Oh, ok. I was getting worried."

I looked up and and saw a huge storm cloud. As my head looked back down drops of rain began pelting down, it made it very difficult to see where to fly.

I tried to open my wings and get ready to jump, but they were already soaked with rain water.

"Dad?!" I shrieked. "Help!"

I was stuck up a tree in the middle of a huge thunder storm, and to back me up a rumble of thunder echoed off the trees.

A sudden flash of light blinded me, I screamed. I have never been a fan of storms, especially when I'm in one, in the most dangerous place.

Then I see a shadow in the sky, the shadow gets bigger until I swear it's I front of me, the rain is making a wall between me and it.

A huge gust of wind rocked the tree, my wings were the weight of me on each side, I knew I couldn't keep my balence for much longer.

Then I gasped as I felt a jolt of cold on my arm and I fell straight forward, I have never felt so helpless, I couldn't even lift my wings to ow the fall!

"Wish them to go away!" I heard a yell in the sky. "Hurry!"

I didn't know who or where the voice was but I obeyed it and let my wings dissappear.

I began to slow down, but the shadow was coming at full speed towards me- I tucked myself into a ball and felt a sudden shove.

It wasn't a painful shove, but I felt airborne again. Another clap of thunder growled. More lightning.

I felt no heat whatsoever.

Then I was on the ground, I could tell that the air had stopped rushing past me and the shadow that loomed over me had frozen.

"Who are you?" I barely whispered.

A flash of lightening displayed their face for a couple tiny miliseconds.

Enough for me to see Hero. Drenched. Cold and holding me in his shivering arms.


Then I heard doors opening. I felt sudden warmth and talking, the voices were shocked, confused, but relieved.

"Wait, aren't you Hero? The paper boy?" My dad asked.

Hero must of nodded because I was showered with droplets of water from his hair.

"I'm like Freya. It's only me. I promise. Freya can make her wings appear and reappear whenever she likes. So can I."

Hero demonstrated his trick.

"Wow." I heard my mother say.

I was wrapped in towels and blankets after that.

I warmed up quickly. What a day. I began to slip into a sleep.

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