With May

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I had been so busy with Hero I hadn't had time to see my friend, May.

So the next morning, without wings, my mum dropped me off at May's house.

I lifted my hand, about to ring the doorbell.

"I wouldn't."

I jumped back with a gasp.

"Oops. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you jump. But seriously, May is not in a good mood."

"Hero, how would you know?"

He shrugged and cupped a hand round his ear, "listen."

I listened.

"May! How dare you have a party without us knowing? You promised only Freya would be coming!"

I cringed about being dragged into the situation.

"She did come. Anyway you wouldn't have let me have a proper party, you just expect me and Freya to sit with some popcorn watching a crap movie?!"

There was silence after that.

I sighed and leaned against the wall.

"Ok. What do you want to do?"

Hero lifted his wings.

"I can't. Mine are still wet."

Hero concentrated on something and muttered under his breath.

"Nope. They're dry."

I made my wings appear, it was quicker now I had done it a few times.
"How did you do that?"

I ask when I see my wings are completely dry.

"Magic." He said with a smirk.

I blushed.

We set off into the sky again, it's crazy, one day I'm the only winged person. The next I'm one of two winged people, with the other person happening to be the boy I was quickly falling in love with more and more.

Soon no one could pull us apart, it helped with my parents being completely fine with Hero and knowing that he was like me.

Later on that day I returned to May's place, it was quiet and her bedroom window was ajar, only her mother's car was in the drive.

Hero stayed back and waited for me whilst I flew up to the window and slipped silently inside.


I could hear snuffling from the corner of her bed.

I lightly landed and made my wings dissappear so they weren't in the way.

"Hey, why are you crying?"

May stopped suddenly.

"Everything has gone wrong!" She suddenly burst out.

"No, no it hasn't, what are you upset about?"

She shuddered and turned her head away from me.

"I- I think, I think that I might be pregnant."

I wasn't expecting that. At all.

"Oh- I don't know what to say."

May struggled with a choked sounding laugh.

"Yeah. Neither did my parents."

"You told them?"

May shook her head.

"They find stuff out easily."

I gave her a quick hug.

"But how do you feel about it? Will you abort?"

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for this- but I can't abort."

I nodded.

"Of course you don't. So keep it. Prove your ready, we're not in school anymore, so why wait? This baby was supposed to be."

May started to cry again, her sobs were happy ones.

"You can do it. Just like the May I know."

She hugged me once, then I heard someone coming up the stairs, I dashed for the window and jumped out, May gasped behind me, "your wings!"

My wings!


I fell into a pair of arms.

May gasped, her head poking out of the window.

"I told you, there are people like me!" I laughed and May stared in complete shock.

Hero flew away with me in his arms, then Hero began to speak again.

"I was thinking, us not being in school, if you wanted to move out and live somewhere with me?"

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