Chapter Thirty-Seven: I guess I have a crowd now.

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"Cass! Hurry up! Ben, Marcus and Alex are going to be here soon!" 

"You go wait outside, I'll be out soon!" I said to Kate through my window. 

She sighed, rolled her eyes, but walked away. 

It was Friday, and Ben, Marcus and Alex were coming to take us to Jeremy's house. I was dressed in a batman sweater, leggings and combat boots. My hair was being its usual self and was being frizzy. So, me being lazy, hurriedly put it into a hair donut. It wasn't perfect, but it would have to do. Grabbing my phone, I raced downstairs to the door and right when I was about to exit, a voice stopped me. 

"And where do you you're going, young lady?" 

I turned around slowly to see my mother peering at me, hands on her hips. 

You could cut the tension in the air with a chainsaw. 

"Out with some friends." 

"Who? Kate?" 

"And some other people." I gave a curt response. I really didn't want to fight right now. 

"You don't have any other friends." 

I rolled my eyes. "Geez, mother, thanks for that boost of confidence. Can I go now?" 

"Who are these friends?" 

I sighed. "Marcus, Ben, Kate, Jeremy and Alex." I said Alex's name really fast at the end. 

"But, Cass, you don't have a crowd. Why are you hanging out with these kids?" My mother rose an eyebrow, still not understanding the fact that I could make new friends. 

Frustrated and irritated, I snapped, "I guess I have a crowd now," and walked out, shutting the door. 

I guess I have a crowd now, I thought. I like the sound of that. 

I walked over to wait next to Kate by her house, who grinned at me. "Are you excited?"

I shrugged. "Not really. I have a bunch of assignments and other crap to do when I come home."

"Kill joy," Kate said, doing a bad job of disguising it in a cough.

 A car pulled up in front of us, ending our conversation. We walked forward and looked inside. Ben was in the front seat, Alex sitting next to him, and Marcus in the back. Kate slid in next to Marcus, leaving no room for me. 

"Where do I sit? On the roof?" I exclaimed, glaring at Ben. He held is hands up in defense. "It was Marcus's idea to take my car, his car had 5 seats!" I shot Marcus a confused look. He grinned in response. 

"I guess you'll have to sit on my lap," he told me slowly, waiting for me to catch on. He shot a glance at Alex.

"Oh! Yeah, yeah! I guess I will!" I caught on. He was making Alex jelly again! 

I went over to the other side and gently sat down on Marcus's lap. Making sure to lean back, I kept my eyes trained on Alex. He glanced back at us and glared. 

"I think it would be better if Cass sat on my lap." 


Alex surprised us all by saying that, himself included. 

"And why's that?" I crossed my arms. (Gif on the right---------->) 

"Because you've known me for longer, and if you don't, I will come over there and pick you up," he gave me a sickly sweet smile, that was quickly replaced with a frown. 

I got the message: If you don't sit on my lap, I will punch Marcus in the face.

Sighing, I hid my internal excitement and got up. Walking over to Alex's seat and carefully sitting on his lap, back straight. He shut the door and Ben began to drive. Everyone began talking, but I stayed perfectly still, heart beating out of my rib cage, my breath coming out shaky. 

Alex casually looped his arms around my waist, bringing me closer to him. 

So close I could smell his wonderful cologne and his natural scent of the woods. 

How does someone smell like the woods? 

Noticing that I was tensed up, he craned his neck to whisper, "You can relax." He began to absent-mindly rub soothing circles on my waist with his thumb, causing my heart beat to go even faster. 

I sighed, giving in to temptation. I snuggled into his chest, inhaling his scent. 

"Are you smelling me?" I could literally hear the smirk in Alex's voice. Furiously blushing, I shut my eyes tight and pretended to be asleep. Alex's body shook, him chuckling. 


"Cass, Cass." 

"5 minutes more," I muttered, snuggling into my pillow deeper. 


Pillows don't laugh. 

Or breath. 

My eyes flew open and I sat up straight. Guess I must have actually fallen asleep on him! God, how embarrassing! 

Nobody else was in the car, so I figured that we were here. "Sorry for falling alseep on you," I whinced, getting out of the car. Alex followed me, shrugging. 

"You look cute when you sleep." 

Somebody pinch me, I must still be dreaming. 

Assuring myself that this was reality, I walked to the front door, blushing, Alex next to me. Marcus, Ben, and Kate stood there, waiting for Jeremy to answer the door. 

Maybe it was just my imagination, but all of them seemed to turn to me and wink. 

I have the worst friends. 

The door flew open, revealing a smiling Jeremy. "Hey! Come on it!" He opened the door wider, letting us in. 

"Is anybody else here?" I asked, entering. 

"No, my parents have gone to Greece for like a month! Pretty sweet, right?" He grinned, running a hand through his hair. 

I nodded, and quickly sat on the couch with everyone else. 

"So, what should we do?" Kate sat Native-American style next to Jeremy. Then came Marcus, Ben, Alex and me. 

"We could watch a movie or-" Jeremy started, but Alex cut him off. 

"We could play truth or dare." 

Everyone seemed to agree, except moi. 

Welcome to Hell. 


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