Our own place

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After we had settled in and I had had a long phone call with mum Hero took me out for dinner.

To be honest it was no different to the real world, there were food and clothing shops, malls and restaurants dotted around the place. But there seemed to be this magical atmosphere that made this place so different.

There was a market too, it was selling all sorts of strange things. I wandered over to it.

"Woah. What is this stuff?" I ask Hero.

Hero shrugged and laughed.

"It's a magical place."

I read some labels. Some sounded oddly familiar.

Watergrass, Melonbeads, Canbrees and all sorts of others. One that looked very interesting was the Strawdragon, it was a violet pink colour and was square!

I purchased some for later.

Then Hero pulled me aside and we walked down a tiny ally way. When we got to the end of it I was dazzled by a flash of light.

"What do you think, too much for just dinner?"

This restaurant was the best of them all and we sat down immediately at the table.

"This is perfect."

When the waitress came round with a note pad she smiled and asked what we wanted.

"I will have the pasta pesto please."

Hero smirked at my decision.

"Two of those please."

The waitress disappeared.

"So. What are we going to do? In later life? This has all been so crazy and amazing that I just have no clue what we're doing here in the first place."

I laughed.

"Well, I suppose I got us our own place so we can live a happy life together, the only species put together. Marriage..." Hero was being very careful about his wording. "Maybe kids. Then we can go travelling." I wondered why he was so rushed at trying g to cover up that he had said about kids.

"I want kids."

Hero's look of anxiety disappeared abruptly.

Our food arrived and we changed the subject.

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