Baby talk

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Lying in the same bed for the first time, Hero and I stayed silent in the dimly lit tree.

Hero had seemed uneasy at the idea of babies, but I was up for it.

"Hero, you know what, I think I really am ready for children." I said out loud.

There was a silence.


"Yes. Sometime soon. I don't want to get to old."

Hero nodded.

Suddenly from know where a heard someone outside.

"Hello? Come in."

I heard something climbing up the tree.

It was a girl, the same one from the restaurant.

"You were our waitress! Hello again. Why are you here so late?"

"I wanted to talk to you."

I turned to Hero but he was snoring softly.

"Ok." And I fluttered from the tree and landed on the cool ground.

The waitress was suddenly there.

"I'm Lola." She shook my hand.

"Hi, I'm Freya."

"I know, I can read minds. It's only the ones I want to hear, but I picked up something from Hero."


"He's worried about you having a family. He wants kids but he's scared. He wants to marry you more than you might think, but he is paranoid."

I frowned.

"About what?"

"His past. His mother died giving birth to him, he has lost all his family but you and he doesn't want to make a link that he could break."

I shake my head.

"What can I do? I have nothing to comfort him with or convince."

"Yes you do. And she's stand right in front of me."

With that she was gone. Faded into the darkness of night.

It made sense. Why he was scared and uneasy about the idea of it all. He wanted it to turn out ok.

The past quickly and I woke feeling something I have never felt before.

I had had a strange dream after seeing Lola, a dream of me holding a baby in my arms, I was singing to it to stop it crying, then I turned and saw Hero, holding two more children. Then I looked down and saw myself with a huge, swollen stomach.

I shook my head and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. My hands were resting on my stomach as if I really had a little baby in there.

"You ok?" I must have looked pretty dazed.

"Yes, I just had a nice dream."

Hero looked me in the face.

"What was it about?"

I needed to get Hero feeling more happy about this baby idea.

"That I had all these babies and we were both so happy, I think I can tell the future."

Hero smiled for a moment.

I felt queezy and a little dizzy as I stood up, I started for the bath room.

I was getting all these fake pregnancy signs lately. It was my body telling me that I was ready for a baby now.

Then Hero was next to me, he clasped his opened wings around us and he kissed me not so lightly as usual.

I don't want to go on, but the day past and we didn't even know it until the sky went black, that was when I looked out from under the covers and thought about all we had got up to that day.

Wink wink.

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