Chapter Thirty-Eight: Truth or Dare.

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Bow to the queen, peasants. 

Just kidding. 

But feel free to bow. 

Okay, so ANYWHO, here's the chapter! 


"Dibs not going first!" I exclaimed, raising my hand. 

We were all seated in a circle on the floor, getting ready to play the game. Jeremy had gone to get drinks and food. 

"Scaredy-cat," Kate teased, sticking out her tongue at me. I rolled my eyes, but still stuck my tongue out back at her. Jeremy appeared back a moment later, with some bottles and-

"Is that alcohol?" My eyes widened at the tequila and whiskey he placed in the middle of us with shot glasses. 

"Yeah, my parents left their alcohol cabinet unlocked, so help yourself," Jeremy shrugged, opening a bottle. "Shot?" He rose his eyebrows at Alex, who nodded. Alex downed the liquor, his face scrunching up, but a grin quickly replaced it. 

"Let the games begin." 

"Okay!" Kate clapped her hands together. "Marcus, truth or dare?" 


"On a scale from one to ten, how hot is Cass?" 

He paused, taking a moment to smirk and wink at me. "One million." 

Alex scoffed, and then downed another shot with Jeremy and Ben. 

Boys will be boys. 

"Cass, truth or dare?" Ben asked, grinning evilly at me. 

"Tr- dare," I changed halfway. What if he asked if I liked Alex? 

I was a terrible liar. 

"I dare you to kiss Alex." 



Not a million years. 

"Did I say dare? I meant truth," I nervously chuckled, playing with the hem of my shirt. 

"Cass, I'm offended! Would you rather kiss Marcus?" Alex scowled at me, glaring. 

"I think Cass is scared. Aren't you little, Cassandra? Is the baby sleepy? Does the baby-" 

"God!" I exclaimed, getting up. 

I crouched down in front of a surprised Alex and grabbed his head. 

Crashing my lips into his. 

If the kiss in the restaurant was amazing, this was like heaven. 

After a moment, somebody cleared their throat, sending me spiraling back into reality. I pulled away from him, and calmly walked back to my seat, a faint blush present on my cheek. 

"Who's next?" I asked, my voice level. 


"Uh, Alex, truth or dare?" Marcus asked, drinking another shot. Alex copied him and then answered. 


"Do you like Cass?" 


I narrowed my eyes at Marcus subtly, sending him one of my famous death glares. 

Alex rolled his eyes. "Of course, as-" 

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