Chapter 4

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                         I heard a very familiar voice say behind me " Didn't the girl told you to leave" I never thought i would hear this voice again

Before I could turn around the person was punching the man. no one could hear them because of the loud music. the man was lying on the floor unconscious. the person turned around and i gasped


"Ari!!" Ashton exclaimed. I engulfed him in a tight hug

"what are you doing here?" i asked as i let go of him

Now you guys must be wondering that who Ashton might be? let me tell you that Ashton and i have been best friends since we were kids but a few years ago he had to move to New York because of his father's promotion. i never saw him again until now

" I'm only here for a few days then i am going back to New York"

"Ash I've really missed you" i said as i hugged him again. Ashton is one year older than me. Ashton and I met at a park. I was barely 4 and was playing near the swings when i fell down. The maid with whom i came was at the corner and talking to some older lady so she couldn't see me when i fell. When i was a kid my mother never took me to a park because she was always busy with her designs and something like that. I started crying when i fell but it was noisy in the park so my voice was barely heard. Ashton was there and he helped me and shared the chocolate he was eating with me. Since that day we are inseparable.

Ashton is 6'2 with brown curly hair and hazel eyes. I remember when i used to have crush on him but that was until he told me he was gay. Yup! you heard me he is gay but i don't care. Being gay is not a bad thing and is not anything to be embarrassed of. No one really knows about him being gay except his family and I. when his family found out, his mother was okay and still loved him but his father was somewhat disappointed. he wanted a straight child so he could hand over his business to him but after a while he accepted that Ashton is gay and treated him the same way he did before he found out. His both sisters treated him the same way.

"I've missed you too Ari and I was going to call you but when i changed my phone i lost your contact number. i am soooo sorry" Ashton said stretching the word so. Seriously he looked sooo cute  i could never stay mad at him.

"It's okay Ash i forgive you and sorry that i couldn't call you" i said felling guilty for not calling him.

"It's ok Ari." Ash said"You came here alone??"

"No with Emma but lets go i am sure she wouldn't mind and probably hooking with someone. Can we pleaseee leave and get some coffee?? I will text Em that I'm leaving with you. please??" I pleaded with puppy dog eyes. Ashton and I only have one weakness ; puppy dog eyes. they're really hard to resist don't you agree?? No? I think its just me then..

"Really desperate to leave huh?? OK come on let's go even though i was here for some fun night but I'll sacrifice it for you" Ash joked as we made our way to Ash's car and got in.

"You don't have to rub it in my face Ash and besides friends sacrifice for each other"

"Whatever" he muttered "You haven't been whoring around have you??" Ash said jokingly as we made our way to Starbucks.

"I see you haven't changed a bit" i said sticking my tongue out to him" and no i haven't been whoring around" i said answering his previous question

"Nope" Ash said with a wink. When we arrived at Starbucks we ordered our coffees and drank while chatting.

"Hey Ash??"


"Why don't you come to my house and live there besides my parents are not home and it feels lonely" I pleaded

"Of course but i have to call dad first and tell him about the change of plans"

"thanks Ash you're the best"

"I know"

When we arrived at the house the first thing i did was to rush to my room and changed into my nightwear which consists a white tank-top and grey sweatpants. Okay i may have a body of a model but i hate showing it to everyone or dress like some slut.

I went downstairs and saw Ash sitting on the couch watching Supernatural and i joined him.God i love Dean and Sam, they're like the best brothers ever. I actually really like how they both have each others backs and do everything together like hunting. They've a really strong bond. Damon and Stefan are also my favorite but i like Sam and Dean better. Seriously i think the CW shows have the best cast for example The Flash. Grant Gustin is my fav on the show. OK i think i should stop talking about my favorite fictional characters. Ash was gawking at Dean when he saw me and turned towards me

"Ari don't you have school tomorrow??" Ash asked

"Ah" i groaned "please don't remind of that hellhole again"

"You need to sleep or you'll be late and could get into detention"

i groaned again but went upstairs to my room. Ash has been always there for me, he can be like a over protective brother sometimes and sometimes he's the best friend anyone could ask for. He used to hep me with my clothes and all that girly stuff. He used to watch gossip girl with me all the time. No one can tell he's not straight unless he tells you himself, he just acts straight in front of people so they don't judge him but he's his real self when he is with me.

When he first told me,he was afraid that i would judge him. he started acting differently like ignoring me or even accepting my calls or replying to my texts.he was acting strange.he even asked to change his class scheduled because all of his classes were with me but luckily they had all the seats full. i was bewildered by his behavior so i confronted him. He said that it was because of his grades but i knew better than to believe him.

One day he randomly asked me of how i feel about gays. I obviously told him that i think they're cool. there's nothing to be ashamed of if someone is gay and that was the moment he told me that he was not straight. At that time i felt like someone kicked me in the gut. He was my first crush and i felt kinda disappointed but being the best friend i am i supported him. i never judged him and after that we started hanging out more, even had alot of sleepovers. He lived at my house for a month or so because his father was disappointed with Ashton not being straight. My parents treat him like their own and Austin and Ashton were like best friends,always playing games like Call of Duty. It was their favorite game and sometimes I used to play with them. Now I'm a pro at this game and i even defeated both Ash and Austin at this game. their expressions were priceless when i won.


Here's the fourth chapter and i know it's crappy but it's better than nothing.I might not be able to update daily because my exams are starting in May but I'll try my best.

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