Strange things

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What with my increased appetite, sickness and headaches I began to suspect things.

I was unsure what to think of it all.

The next morning I had rushed to the bathroom to be ill, the same happened the next morning and the next.

It wasn't until a week of ignoring it that Hero began to speak openly about it.

"I think you should go to a doctor, they can sort you out with some antibiotics."

I agreed and went by myself, Hero didn't like hospitals or doctors surgeries, on my way there I noticed a wolf following me.

It followed me until I reached the little building and landed, I had just begun to walk toward the doctors when Lola stopped me.

"Can I come?" She abruptly asked.

I was a bit taken aback but I had no one else so I said yes.

Once a nurse had taken down my personal details and taken Lola and I to a small room, a doctor appeared.

"Hello, Freya. So why are you here today?"

The doctor looked pretty human. Still I began to explain the weird symptoms.

"Morning sickness, headaches and eating more than usual. Well these can be symptoms for jetlag, you have only just moved here too, however I am permitted to ask if you have take a pregnancy test."

I won't lie, but I was expecting him to mention it, still my heart lifted inside from excitement.


"Ok, well I'm just going to check for you."

Then I realised he didn't have human ability, I heard Lola laugh, he started to waving his hands over my abdominal area, his eyes closed.

Lola picked up my hand then and squeezed it.

"Congrats!" She whispered.

Oh my gosh. I must be pregnant. With my first tiny baby.

And to back me up the doctor gave me a smile.

"Your going to be a mum, and I will book you in for another appointment in two weeks."

I actually think I was floating.

I shot out of the doctors and raced home, a wolf speeding along beneath my feet.

I stood in the door way of our place, what would I tell Hero?

Lying in bed with Hero was comforting, and with a little baby here too, he didn't even know about him or her.

"So, what do you think about extending our home? Maybe more rooms for guests, another bathroom."

I decided to slip in the news now.

"Yes, we'll need the room anyway if we're to fit this little one." I cradled my tummy.

Hero took a double take and sat up suddenly.

"Our baby? But your not pregnant."

"Wrong. So what about extra rooms?"

Hero was silent, then I he rapped me up in a huge hug.

"Yes yes yes!" He squeaked.

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