Chapter Twenty Six Part One: The Calm

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Here is chapter twenty six. Enjoy! I will post part two today.



 Primula POV

“Are you all ready?” Sarion asked and we nodded. I was finally feeling a little excitement because we were about to finish our journey. We were departing to meet the Seers soon. It was agreed that Nereid would be taking us.

“Now be careful and remember what I said, the protection this place offered will be gone until reaching the Seers.” Sarion continued to lecture us; he was worried that the shadows would be able to find us now that we were leaving the nymphs’ home which had the same feel as the neutral zone. From what Sarion told us, the shadows have been acting more aggressive than usual. I had no idea how, but he was constantly being updated about their activities. He even told us news about the others in the neutral zone. They were fine so far although the shadows had been spotted lurking around, trying to find access into the place. So far no accidents have occurred; in fact, they were all so nice and welcoming towards each other especially the rogues.

What worried Sarion and his confidant – my suspicious says it’s the council – is the frequent movements of the shadows. They seem to really want access into the neutral zone. Apparently Sarion thinks they were doing something big, something that could be detrimental to both the supernatural and human world. So far they haven’t touch the human world, but our group came up with the conclusion that destroying the human world is too easy. They want something big first; say something like the supernatural world.

“Watch the skies, the grounds, forest, and sharpen your senses.” I tuned back into Sarion monologue as he advise us on ways we could avoid the shadows. Although I wanted him to get it over with and let us go, he had a very good reason to be worried.

Before, we would have counted on my abilities to help defeat the shadows but I don’t think I will be much of a help. Since I woke up from my dream I feel drained, exhausted, and weak. I literally have to force myself to continue the quest. All I wanted was to stay with Sarion and the nymphs – I really liked Nereid. She was the mother I never had, but I guess it was a good thing she was coming with us. Actually, my attachment to Nereid was the reason Sarion chose her.

We said a long goodbye where Sarion continued to drill safety methods into our heads. The young nymphs beg Dean to think about their offered although he looked like he wanted to refuse on the spot. Sarion had to encourage him to finish his quest first before making any decision so he could have time to think about it.

Krista cried as we left –she too had become attached to some of the nymphs although their constant nudity annoyed her. Vates was even more sad because her free magical supplies was gone although she did brightened up a little when Sarion’s mates –something I still find puzzling – put something together in a bag for her. The only person who seemed happy to leave the place was Zero. He still held a grudge against Sarion for his change in hair color. And since he could not dye it until the pink colors wore off by themselves, he’s been very spiteful to everyone around him except me and Krista.

The saddest people in our entire group were Arion and Jebidiah. Arion has been abnormally quiet since my talk with him in the forest. He looked like he had a lot on his mind. And frankly I didn’t mind his quietness because it meant I got to really think about what he and I discussed. At first I thought he was angry with me but he assured me that he was merely composing his thoughts. He wanted to find solutions to my and his nephew’s problem. I wanted to tell him he was wasting his time but he was already crushed, I couldn’t be the one to bring his spirit further down.

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