Hello baby

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It's like nothing else having a little baby inside of you. I'm already craving broccoli which I have never liked.

Hero and I are going baby shopping, even though we have nine months until he or she is born. I'm looking forward to it.

I wasn't aloud to do a lot of things, like eat certain foods, or fly from high hights.

We had been to the doctor to ask if our pregnancy would be any different from normal humans.

He told us that it was likely to be different, werewolves like Lola only wait six months, so people like us may get a couple months off, but for now we were keeping an eye out for any quicker development.

At three months a baby should be secure for a human, ours was secure after two.

Then just this morning I received about five kicks at once, it was weird, something kicking you from the inside.

Back to the now.

I was going to the human world to tell my parents the news and to see how May was with her baby.

Getting there was easy, I knew it by heart. I noticed my baby bump was showing slightly now.

I decided to see May first. I landed gracefully on her windows sill and tapped on the window.

I turned around to check if anyone was staring at me.

Suddenly the window swung open, I gasped, almost toppling down.

May caught my arm.

I stepped inside her bedroom.

"There's a front door y'know!" Then she beamed at me and gave a huge hug.

"I'm glad your back, I haven't seen you in like- four months now!"

I nodded excitedly.

"Let's see the baby bump." I say happily.

I looked down and am suprised to see a huge bump.

"Woah May, how many months are you?"

"Four, he's a big one."

"Aw, you got the gender?"

She nodded.

"I'm having a suprise." I pat my stomach. Then I realised I had given away the secret.

May wasn't paying attention.

"If you eventually have one, right?"

She didn't know what I ment.

"May, I am pregnant."

"This is a prank right?" May looked at me.

I smile and shake my head. I quickly stand at an angle so she could see the bump.

"Awww! Congratulations!" She hugged me.

"I need to tell my parents too."

May grinned.

"Well don't keep them in suspense. Go tell them!"

I waved goodbye and flew out to my parents house.

I was running out of time. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a letter then I slipped it through the letter box.

To mum and dad
Sorry I can't talk to you in person but I need to get back soon. I have some special news. Your going to be grandparents! See you soon. Here is the scan.

I stuck the scan under it then I posted it, as I began to leave, the door behind me burst open and I wrapped into a bundle of hugs and kisses.

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