I. Time passes.

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Sitting in a navy blue car, I gazed outside of the window. My hands were nervously clutching my short ivory dress that was hitching up to my thighs. Yet excitement flushed onto my face, sketching warm colors onto my pale porcelain skin.

I felt too insecure to be wearing all kinds of cosmetics. Makeup covered my countless flaws, and my colored eyebrows only rose higher and higher as I fidgeted in worry. It was dark, at only 9PM, and streets were empty. The windows were rolled down, open to the street noise, but all I could hear was the wind howling.

That's how Sweden will always be. Silent.

People will walk past you, even if you're crying, remaining silent. Everybody just happened to be silent on the train, bus, car, anything. I wasn't exactly decided on whether I liked that or not.

The tall and dark trees stood over the city, safe-guarding and protecting us. I still somehow felt vulnerable, and it almost felt like a big cloud was hovering over me. Something was approaching, and I couldn't point my finger on it. I tried to remember, to not forget, but nothing came to mind. Soon, emptiness flooded my mind as my thoughts were null. I felt empty, dark, and lonely. There was nothing inside of me. There was no hole inside of me, I was a hole. Just for that small moment.

While in the middle of beholding the skies, the car suddenly halted to a stop.


The hushed whisper brought me back to reality. My raised eyebrows slowly faced her.

"Yes?" I stared at Alex. Her pressurizing was the reason I was coming to this place.

Silence ran around the car for a few, long, dreaded minutes.

And then a smile played a sickly sweet song on her lips.

"Relax. You seem so tensed. Have a bit of fun tonight, okay? It'll be great, I promise," she looked at me with sympathetic eyes. She poked back a stray hair strand aside.

I hated showing affection, she loved it.

Her blue eyes watched me, expecting an answer. She urged me to say something with her eyes.

I huffed, "Okay. I'll try, at least," I said, trying to convince her I'll try to be less of a nerd.

"Plus, your crush, Frans, will be there, " she said with her eyebrows suggestively bouncing back and forth.

I sighed at her, hurriedly turning around so she wouldn't see my delicately tinted cheek. I felt embarrassed of my obsession.

The party house came to existence before my eyes, and, I was, well, not shocked.

The poor host's garden was wrecked. Hormonal teenagers surrounded the large white, red-roofed house, swarming it like mosquitoes. I immediately felt uncomfortable as I hated mosquitoes, and swatted my neck.

I loathe them.

'You're one of those mosquitoes, you self-righteous zoilist. '

I bemusedly smiled to myself as my brain came up with a new, archaic way of insulting me.

Oh, please, let's just agree to disagree for today. I don't have time for you.

Laughter echoed throughout my head yet I simply carried on with my life, ignoring it.

I finally decided to jump off the car, quickly, as my friend had already done so. Time passes quickly, eh?

I felt weight drop onto the cement floor, my dirty blond hair taking a quick bounce.

With my pained neck turning, my eyes scanned the house once again, bringing a forced smile onto my painted lips to make my friend feel better.

It seemed to have done its work. Alex leaned in to whisper into my ears something, of course, about my crush, and walked away.

I turned my head away from her disappearing figure, and scanned the house for the second time. Surely, I was being far too dramatic for a party. So I rung the doorbell.

My heart stopped for a moment, seeing the grinning, twinkly-eyed boy.


Frans opened the goddamn door.


This should be around 200-800 words per chapter. The story's very short. I hope you'll like it.

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