{chapter 22}

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"Are you sure this matches?" I asked Phoenix once again whole turing back to the full length mirror.

"You look great, I promise." He replied while slipping on his shoes.

I was wearing black leggings with knee high brown heel boots and a white top that went off of both shoulders and bared my stomach.

I stood in the mirror staring at my pores and an emerging pimple that was begging me to pop it.

Phoenix walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my body from behind. "Amelia, you look gorgeous, stop picking at yourself." He stated pecking my check and going to finish himself.

I sighed and opened my compact and powdered the pimple to reduce the redness and try to minimize the mountain somehow.

"Alright I'm ready." I finally announced after about another 20 minutes, turning around catching Nix typing away hurriedly on his phone.

I walked up to him and raised my eyebrows at him. "I thought we agreed were taking a break from our responsibility?" I asked with annoyance in my tone.

"Mmhmm" he answered not looking up.

I chewed on my lip before grabbing my black purse and brushing past him, leaving our hotel room and out into the hallway.

I made it to the elevator before I heard footsteps following behind me quickly.

"What's wrong?" Phoenix quickly asked.

"Your ignorance." I simply responded while tapping the elevator door a few more times.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I know we agreed no home bothers would bother us here. Look I'm turning my phone off." He showed me while proceeding to power it off and slip it in his pocket.

I faked mad for a few more seconds before I nodded and wrapped my arm in his. "Now will you tell me what club we're going to?" I asked eagerly.

"It's a 19 and up club. Since your a fetus and only 19 I had to find somewhere we both could get in, and I could drink." He winked.

"Shut up, I'll be 20 soon. And you're 22. Only a few years older than me." I argued lightly as the elevator descended.

As we stepped out a few girls around our age were walking past and their eyes quickly made their way to my boyfriends broad and firm chest that was being hugged by a light green shirt matching his blank pants.

They giggled and one even gave him a wave and I honestly couldn't help the reddish tint that invaded my cheeks.

Phoenix simply responded by wrapping his arm around my shoulders and kissing my cheek.

I said nothing and neither did he but the gesture made my insecurities go away and I appreciated it.

We waited for our cab in the warm LA night. A slight breeze had taken over, making it feel pretty good.

Our cab picked us up , driving us through the poppin scene of LA at night, and about twenty minutes later we arrived at a club that's had people spilling out making the excitement in my stomach rise.

I was hit with a flashback at the last time I went to a club with Minnie and how Phoenix and I really talked at Denny's the night after.

"Can we get Denny's after this?" I asked him over the roar of laughter and screams and pounding music.

He smiled at me, realizing I was thinking about the last time I was at a club.

"As long as I don't have to put you in jail this time." He joked making me roll my eyes.

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