Chapter Thirty-Two - The Invasion

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I followed the familiar route to the school but I heard the fighting before I saw anything. Screams were now beginning to echo through the dark woods, making me jump from any sound that seemed too close to me. But I never stopped, I continued trekking forward, making sure to move anything out of my way before I reached it, and sprinted on.

When I made it through the last of the trees, now in the common area with the surrounding campus lights, I stopped dead in my tracks. I was frozen, completely shocked by what was happening.

Around me there were Supernaturals, my peers who I lived and trained next to, fighting dozens of Catchers. There was blood, pain, and all the elements being thrown around. I resisted the urge to pinch myself, wishing that this was some sort of vision or, better yet, a nightmare, but I knew it wasn't. I didn't know what to do, what to even think, besides the feeling of raw hatred run through my veins for Allyson.

Suddenly, an explosion went off to my right, throwing me to the ground as a cloud of dirt covered the air.

My vision. The one I had a few weeks ago, this was it.

I should've told someone, anyone, but no one could have thought this was going to happen.

I got up, not bothering to brush anything off of me or check for injuries. There was screaming all around me, but I couldn't see any faces through the dense smoke and dust. It was a mess of all the elements, fighting while I stood in the middle doing absolutely nothing. Completely frozen, in shock.

"Taylor!" I heard a familiar voice yell at me. "Get the hell out of there!"

            Cole came bursting through the smoke just before blasting some fire at a Catcher that had immediately appeared to my right. I didn't even realized that he finally used my true name as I snapped out of my daze and held the thing still, making it easy for Cole to kill it off.

            "Are you crazy?!" He yelled at me once it dropped to the ground. There was dirt covering his face, a growing red spot on his right side of his shirt. Other than that, he looked okay and didn't seem like it fazed him. "You could've gotten yourself killed!"

            "I don't--"

            He ignored me and the smoke cleared just as several other Catchers made their way on us. One of them, a Water, tried to nail me with strong jet but I put my shield up just in time. After stepping out of the stream, I held my hand out, and forced them back at an incredibly fast speed until they hit the side of the building, falling down to the ground either unconscious to dead. I couldn't check, there wasn't time or a care left in me.

            I was able to sneak a peek at the rest of the field of battle, seeing the bodies of both our enemies and my own kind of the ground. I felt sick as many of these people were kids taken from their lives to train and control their powers. We were all forced into this world, being told that our families were in danger if we were to stay, but it turned out that we were the ones truly at risk of dying, even here at a place of so-called refuge. Everyone, with the exception of the instructors whom I also saw on the battle lines, wasn't fully trained. It was like releasing a professional on a middle school wrestler: Someone stronger and obviously more trained. Catchers were stronger and faster and if they had been preparing for this, which I knew they were, Katherine had to have them skilled as well.

            And, of course, Allyson helped them pick the perfect moment. Her whole facade of being a poor, innocent girl worked well and she was able to deliver information to Katherine. They chose this day and time because everyone was out and happy, having a relaxing time that was so rare around here. She picked the time she knew would hurt us the most and we were all too dumb and late in realizing her true motive here. She hid herself well, even fooling Galen, but how?

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