April 27th, 2016 - Introducing Wattpad Studios

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Wattpad is a community of storytellers. Today, we are one step closer to the future of entertainment with the introduction of Wattpad Studios.

Wattpad Studios partners with the entertainment industry to co-produce Wattpad stories for print, film, television, and digital platforms. With Wattpad Studios, writers will get the exciting opportunity of seeing their stories told in other entertainment formats, and be paid for it. Entertainment executives can also keep their finger on the pulse of pop culture and also reduce the guesswork involved during the traditional development process.

Wattpad Studios connects entertainment and publishing executives with Wattpad stories and creators. Initiatives under the Wattpad Studios division include:

Wattpad Stars – The engine of Wattpad Studios, Wattpad Stars are Wattpad's biggest influencers and the most successful and popular writers on the platform. Made popular by our community, our Stars are masters at crafting stories with engaging, can't-get-enough story plots for their fans.

Wattpad Words – Wattpad Words helps publishers connect with millions of readers around the world, promote works to a new audience, test story ideas and concepts, and gather feedback.

Wattpad Presents – Wattpad Presents is a partnership with networks and producers to adapt Wattpad stories for television. Some of Wattpad Studios' early work includes a partnership with TV5 Network in the Philippines. TV5 has produced 200 episodes representing 40 Wattpad stories. The series has reached millions of viewers, and the network has seen a total viewership increase of 30 percent between 2014 and 2015.

Wattpad Insights – Through Wattpad Insights, executives can get a sense of what's trendy on Wattpad. They can access insights on trending themes and "hidden gems" on Wattpad, as well as do concept testing on potential ideas they have for development.

Wattpad Studios will create multiple ways for writers who previously had limited opportunities to earn money from their creative writing. Up until recently, it was almost unheard of for major brands to commission writers to craft fiction on their behalf. Today, we have helped hundreds of Wattpad writers create original and entertaining stories for global brands. Collectively, Wattpad Stars have earned over seven figures from the early work of Wattpad Studios, with some writers making more money on Wattpad than they would from a traditional book advance.

Wattpad Studios opens up new opportunities for us to connect the most popular writers with an industry that depends on a constant stream of original and compelling stories.

We've already developed several strategic partnerships with entertainment leaders like United Talent Agency, Paramount Pictures, TV5 Networks and many others. We'll be announcing some exciting projects in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

Are you a writer wondering how to get involved with Wattpad Studios? Great question. Our Community Team is constantly on the look-out to connect writers to new opportunities. The recipe for success is straightforward: Keep crafting compelling stories, build a genuine fanbase, and we'll find you!

Wattpad Studios FAQ

Do I still own all of my work?

Yes. Our Terms of Service have not changed. We care about our writers and want to ensure that they find success on and off of Wattpad. Writers still own the rights to their stories, and Wattpad will never use or sell content without their permission.

Does this mean that I have to let Wattpad get me a publishing deal?

No. You are still allowed (and encouraged!) to continue to seek out representation and publication on your own. We will always be here to help if you have any questions.

Do I get paid for the opportunities I take part in?

Yes. All of our writers are paid for any content they create for brands and other industry opportunities.

What if I don't want to be involved in any of these opportunities?

We understand completely. If and when we approach you about an opportunity it is always opt-in. You are under no obligation to take part. Refusing an opportunity will not affect your chances of being offered another later.

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