Chapter Thirty-Nine: I hate you.

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My eyes fluttered open to reveal a toned chest in front of me. 


My eyes travelted upwards to see Alex, still asleep. We were in a type of spooning position, me being curled up into his chest, his arm loosely slung around me. 

Any other morning, I would have snuggled closer and just smelled him. 

Don't judge. 

He smells good! 

But today, the memories of last night flooded into my head along with the heartache and crushing disappointment. I studied Alex's features, letting out a slight sigh.  His full lips were slightly pouted out, and I bet they- 

Stop thinking about kissing him, Cass. He doesn't think of you like that. 

My eyes drifted up to his long, dark eyelashes, which skimmed his cheeks, giving him an angelic look. Suddenly, his eyelids popped open, giving way to that brillant blue color. 

"Are you done checking me out?" 

"What? I-I wasn't. I-I need to pee," I blushed and roughly shoved him away from me, getting up. Racing the bathroom, I shut the door and locked it, letting out a deep breath. 

I need to pee. 

Real smooth. 

Minutes passed and I curled up into a tiny ball, hugging my knees to my chest. I couldn't get up. Everytime I saw him caused my heart to shatter once more. 

And I knew, one 'I'm sorry' from him, and I would following him like a puppy once more. 

So, I couldn't. I needed to be strong. I gave this a chance. I made friends with him. 

Yet, it was all thrown back into my face like some sick, twisted practical joke. 

I didn't know how long it was before Alex knocked on the door. "Cass? You okay?" 

"I-I'm fine," I said back, wiping away some tears I didn't even realized that I spilled. 

"Can I come in?" 

"No," I bitterly chuckled. "I think it would be better if you just went." 


"I hate you." 

My bottom lip trembled as I spoke those word, them cutting the air like knives. 

Alex paused, silence on the other side of the door. "You don't mean that." 

"I do," I spat. "I hate you. Just go." 



There was silence, then footsteps fading, and finally the front door slamming shut. 

I wept like a baby. 


"Andrew, I-I think I love you."

"I love you, too." 

"NO!" I screamed angrily at the romantic movie "Lies! All of it! That's all crap, you idiots!" I shouted, taking another bite of ice cream. I was a mess, for lack of a better work. Comforablty clad in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I had curled up on the couch for junk food and watched romantice movies, eventually erupting into sobs. 


Alex wasn't even my boyfriend, yet I felt like I had been dumped. The only other time that this had happened was when I had broken up with Trevor. 

I suddenly felt like my life was like a Taylor Swift song. 

And when I fell hard, you took a step back. 

I suppose I did fall hard for Alex, harder than I expected. 

Now I was crushed, more than I expected. 


"Cass!" I was shooken awake. 

"Huh? Wha?I'm awake!" I rubbed my eyes, sitting up. Kate frowned at me. 

"Why do you look like crap?" 

"Because I feel like crap." I told Kate what happened and she just sat in silence, occanisly nodding. When I finished, she hit the back of my head. "Ow," I whinced. "What was that for?" 

"For being an idiot. Both of you! Now I, being the resposible adult has to force you guys to make up!" She exclaimed, as she began pacing. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she whipped out her phone. Without another word, she dialed someone's number and held the phone up to her ear. 

"Alex?" She asked. 

"What are you doing?" I harshly whispered. She held up a finger, silencing me. 


"Cass's date is with Marcus tonight." Kate said to Alex, then whinced. "Yeah, I know you don't care, but just really think about it, Alex. Do you want Cass to get her heart broken?" 

Kate paused. "Yes, heart broken. Marcus told me he was stringing her along, going to get her in bed, then dump her, like yesterday's trash." 

What the hell was Kate talking about? I knew that wasn't true and she did too. She was lieing through her teeth. I shot her a confused looked and she just rolled her eyes at me. "I need you to stop him!" She yelled into the phone, resuming her pacing. "Just because! You know, Alex, deep down, you know." 

Then she hung up. 

"Care to explain?" I raised an eyebrow. 

"Nope. Now, let's get you ready." 


"Now, don't you feel pretty?" 

"No," I sighed glumly at my relflection in the mirror. 

"Ugh. Just try to have fun tonight, okay?" Kate sighed, gripping my shoulders. 


"Just promise," She held out her pinkie, eyes wide. 

I sighed. "I promise," I muttered, taking her pinkie. A car honking outside interuppted our conversation. 

"That must be Marcus! Now, go! And have fun!" She shooed me out the door and I stumbled over to Marcus' car. 

"Hey, Marcus," I sadly said, buckling up. 

"I'm sorry about Alex," he gave me a sympatheic look. "Let's just have nice dinner tonight. As friends." He gave my hand a squeeze, letting me know that he was there for me. 

I nodded, smiling in response. 

We arrived to the diner and we entered, snatching a booth. As Marcus read over the menu, I looked around. Some old men sat at the bar, grumbling to each other. A mother with two children sat at table, trying to coax some food into the baby's mouth. A happy couple were making out in another booth. 


My eyes drifted over to the person sitting a few tables away from us. He was wearing sunglasses and had his nose buried in his menu, but I already knew who it was. 




Hehe. Cliffhanger. 

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