Chapter Forty: Alex? Alex who?

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Well, y'all peasants are INSANE! 

But I love you. <3


I slump against the cell wall. "I hope you know this was your fault," I glare Alex, who sits opposite me, picking food from his hair. We were both in a holding cell in the local police station, covered from head to toe in pasta, juice, ice cream and several other food items. 

"My fault? You were the one who started it!" He exclaims. 

"God! You're such a 5 year old!" 

I should probably explain how and why we got here....... 


Alex straightens up, but ignores me. I don't know what gave it away, maybe it was the hair, or the lips, but I knew it was him. 

"Alex," I say again. I glance at Marcus and he is simply just staring at Alex. 

He continues to ignore me. 

Sighing in frustration, I get up and sit directly across from him. "Alex, I know its you." 

"Alex? Alex who? I'm Charles William Matthew Tyler Matthew the Third. I do not know of this 'Alex' you speak of." He says in a very bad, snobby, British accent. 

"Oh! Well, if you see Alex around,  and you can't miss him, he's real ugly with this gawky figure, can you tell him that Marcus and I are having the time of our lives and I'm still pissed?" I raise an eyebrow and stand up. "Thanks, Charles." 

I go sit back with Marcus who is leaned back with a smug expression. "What? He crashed our date! He's the bad one, not me!" I defend myself. 

"Even though you're angry with him, you can't stay away. You're a drug junkie, he's the joint. You're a moth, he's the light. You're the rat, he's the Pied-" 

"I get the point," I snap, rolling my eyes. 

"Cass," Alex interrupts our conversation. 

I ignore him. 

"Cass," he tries again. 


He gets up and comes over to us. "Can we talk about this? I'm sorry for whatever I did, but that doesn't give you the right to ignore him and go out with him!" 

(Gif on the right --------->) I stand up, seething. "'For whatever you did?"" I ask incredulously, gripping the table. 

"Cass, calm-" 

"No! Don't tell me to calm down!" 

Cue the mental breakdown. 

"I'm so sick and tired of this! Just exhausted! You're such a god damn idiot! You're so freaking annoying and confusing that I-" I stop halfway, seeing Alex's half eaten pasta, "could just do this." I march over, grab the plate and dump it on his head. 

That. Felt. Awesome! 

Alex freezes, the wipes some off his face. "I'm the confusing one? You're the one being all sneaky and saying random stuff!" He throws some of the pasta at me. I growl. 

"And I don't have the right to go out with Marcus? I can go out with whoever I want, Alex!" 

Alex grunts in frustration. "UGH! This is why you're constantly on my last nerve, I just-" he stops, walking over the men sitting at the bar. "Can I borrow this for just one second?" He asks one man, taking a bowl of soup. He marches over to me, and before I have time to react, he pours it on my head. It wasn't hot, but it was slimy and went down my dress. 

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