Chapter Thirty-Three - The Leader

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Even more than the Catcher facade, this made sense. Her shifty eyes, her desire to know about my training techniques... everything screamed Katherine and despite seeing her through visions and in Sophia head, it was nothing like being in person.

Just her presence oozed power and control. Her stance was strong, as if she was looking down at some ants. I didn't know what to do and looking at the others, they felt the same way. As her eyes scanned the room, they only stopped when they found mine, narrowing in on me with a little smirk rising onto her lips.

I'm closer than you think.

My vision from a few weeks ago echoed in my mind as I gulped. Indeed, she was.

I expected her to fight and kill us immediately in that instance but instead, she leaned against the wall and began inspecting her nails as if she couldn't be more relaxed. "I've been pretending to be Allyson for months now, a little, tender girl."

"Was she even a real person?" I found myself asking as I struggled to keep my voice from trembling. "Or was she just some person you thought would be great to make up?"

"Who knows?" She winked while sarcasm was obvious in her voice. "Maybe she is, or maybe she isn't. I achieved her look through—"

"Body manipulation," Sophia finished, her gray eyes focused on the enemy. Of all of us, she's definitely had the most contact with her as she even broke into her home. "The greatest usage I've ever seen of it. You block out everything from us, your thoughts, voice, everything. You basically created a whole new person with a fake family and background and no one caught on."

"Oh, Sophia," Katherine drawled. "How I've missed your intelligence. I can't say that Grant feels the same way because he is now keeping me company."

The mention of her lover made Sophia grit her teeth together in anger. I remember Grant from when I got into her head, he was the Fire turned Catcher. When she jumped out to lay a mark on the Catcher's leader, Katherine held her up using telekinesis bringing her close to her face.

"Smart, but naive," She whispered to my trainer before throwing her against the wall in a heap.

"Why did you do this?" Leona asked, horror written all over her face and voice as she looked at Sophia. None of us dared to make a move toward her, knowing that we would most likely end up the same way. A collective release of a held in breath sounded through the room as she slowly began sitting up. "We're safe from the invasion but here you are, taunting us. If you were going to kill us, you would've already done it."

"To take out your line of allies," she answered as if it was nothing. "I enjoy this game, so you're right and I'm not going to kill you now. You must come to my home and challenge me, home advantage you see, instead of me pursuing all of you. After today it's obvious that you are all incompetent and even though it would be easy right now, I enjoy a challenge and I want one when our fight commences."

"So until then you're just going to mock us?" Cole huffed. "Belittle us however you want?"

Katherine shrugged. "I've had been doing it to Taylor for weeks before she learned how to block me out. It was fun watching her scramble around. When I couldn't do it as myself, I did it as Allyson. I even tricked her by 'showing' her I was a Catcher," she giggled as if it was the most hilarious thing ever. "Funny, right? I made you think I was one thing, but it turns out that I am way worse than any ordinary Catcher!"

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