Chapter 22

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Like usual I was waiting for him to come home after work and we'll have dinner together but he's already an hour late from his usual time, might got caught in some work or he is with Laiba?? My heart asked. I quickly dismissed such thoughts from my mind. I had already called him ten time but it always goes in voicemail.

I was watching tv when I heard the screeching sound of his car. I quickly opened the door for him before he could ring the doorbell. He was shocked but quickly regain his posture. "Assalamualikum" I greeted him with a smile. He just nodded and started walking towards the stairs. "Come fast dinner is waiting" I shouted at him. He looked back at me..but something was wrong when he was staring at me..what is it I'm not able to make out.

After a while he came down after freshening up. "Lots of work??" I asked raising my eyebrows at him as I was warming up the food. He only nodded. God..I guess he's again back to his previous mode!! Well you'll must be thinking that after what he did yesterday I should treat him the same or should stand up..well personally I also want to do that..but now is not the right time.

I am not weak not at he thinks and I'm happy with the way he thinks about me. Later today I had a talk with Sani she was very much angry with Arhaan that I had to almost beg her to not to say anything to mom and dad, they think that I'm very much happy with this relationship so let them be that only. It's not as if they would make Arhaan love me back???

I was quiet and all patience just because of my parents and because I have promised that I'll put my heart and soul in this marriage and I'll not break that promise no matter what happens between us. I don't respond to his nonsense just because I don't want anyone to raise a finger also to me and question on my upbringing. And I know he'll be the first person to question. I could handle if he says anything to me but I won't be able to handle if he says anything to my parents.

I know he is testing my patience that till when I can tolerate his nonsense..and deep down I know that he has already crossed his limits but still I'm keeping myself patience just because I know that all this will end soon.

"Mahira I'm hungry" suddenly Arhaan's voice brought me back to reality from my chain of thoughts.

"Two minutes" I told him.

I quickly arrange the dining table and called him. Today he was very quiet. "Arhaan I was thinking to do something as in job?? I know I haven't completed my studies but I was in my last year before I married to you. And I don't have anything to do practically. I get bored all day alone" I told him honestly.

He was silently eating. "Mahira I know you want to study or do job and I totally understand but in this I can't help" he said while eating.

"I don't want your help I'm just saying..I just want to know what you think about this?? If you think that if I'll start doing some thing then I'll neglect my house duties then I assure you I won't and after that also if you're not happy then I can always quit??" I said.

"It's not about my think or any other thing. It's about our know that everyone knows about our marriage media and everyone. And personally I don't mind you working but remember you're not anyone else's wife you're name has been linked to mine and I'll have to answer everyone and has to introduce to everyone as my wife which I don't want and you also know this. So why talking about this??" He snapped.

After snapping at me he washed his hand and mouth and went away. I sighed. It hurted me that he indirectly wasn't allowing me to pursue my carrier but still I told him. I'm such a fool I slapped my forehead.

I cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes. After doing everything I made coffee for him. I know something is bothering him up and a cup of coffee can help him in cheering up his mood. I quickly poured the coffee in mug and went up to his room. He was standing on the balcony frustratedly running his hands over his hair. I smiled at his childish behavior.

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