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I had packed my hospital bag and left it by the door, the doctor had induced me before I had left, it wouldn't be long before I saw my beautiful babies.

Hero had finished the babies room and I had just finished making the babies' bed when my water broke.

I was expecting it so I didn't panic much, though it did scare me at first.

"Hero, my water broke!"

Hero cuddled me, we would have to wait a bit until my contractions had spread out to five minutes apart.

I showered, stopping every fifteen minutes or so to get over contractions.

I remember the few minutes before we had to rush to the hospital, I was curled up with Hero and the babies that had no idea what was about to happen.

Suddenly I felt another contraction and squeezed my eyes shut, soon after another attacked me. Hero held my hand as we slowly walked to a taxi.

"Where to?" The taxi driver asked.

"Hospital please. My little ones are on the way."

The taxi driver turned around then stepped on the gas, the car leaped forward and sped down the path.

A nurse was outside the hospital with a wheelchair and she beckoned me to it.

I sat down carefully.

"How many weeks are you?" She asked.

"26 weeks, these are fast growers, don't panic. I am not sure if they are breech."

(Breech means the baby is upside down, or the wrong way up in the womb)

The woman nodded me and wheeled me to a cubicle.

I gasped at another contraction.

After they had set me up to the machinery and the nurse had told me that I was 5cm dilated. I need to be 10cm dilated to begin the actual birth.

I'm almost an hour into labour. Most women experience labour and contractions for eighteen hours.

Hero was fast asleep on a chair beside me, I drifted off too.

So sorry I didn't update like I promised! I am giving you another update after this now so please don't panic I have not stopped writing!

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