Charlotte and Eva

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When we took Charlotte and Eva home they didn't make a sound. We sat on our bed and Hero and I cradled and rocked our new born babies.

May's baby would be born soon. I thought about her and her baby boy, I picked up my mobile and sent her a text.

Guess what, I just had two little girls! Hero and I have just taken Charlotte and Eva home and I started thinking about you. I must visit you with my girls. How is your baby boy? I can't wait to meet him. Xx- F

My phone vibrated a minute after I sent the message.

Congrats! Those names are adorable. I'm due in almost two months, my little boy is taking his time! He will be called on the birth day. See you soon! Xx- M

I smiled to myself.

"May is due in a couple months. It's a shame she can't come to this world."

Hero nodded and hugged me with his spare arm.

"Don't worry about it, we have two perfect babies to think about now."

Charlotte began to struggle and whimper in Hero's arms.

"Feeding time!" I swapped Eva with Charlotte and lifted my shirt. I fed her until she had fallen asleep, I patted her back gingerly and felt her tiny body vibrate when she let out a tiny burp.

"Excuse you." I whispered. I was exhausted. I fed Eva and placed them both in separate cots lined with teddies and blankets.

Hero and I watched the sleeping babies for a while before I crawled into my own bed and fell fast asleep from exhaustion.

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