Chapter Forty-One: Meeting the Parents.

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Hello, peasants. :) Guess what? TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!


After spending the whole of Sunday doing homework and other schoolwork, it was Monday. Getting dressed, I raced downstairs. My mom and dad were drinking coffee and reading magazines. 

"Morning, Mom and Dad," I gave them each a slight peck on the cheek. 

"Bagel is in the toaster," Mom told me with a smile. We had talked about things last night and many problems were resolved. Sure, our life isn't perfect right now, but it would have to work. 

I quickly ate breakfast and said goodbye to my parents, walking over to Kate's. On the way to school, I told her what happened. 

"You were in PRISON?!" 

"Yeah, but they say it's not going to go on my permanent record because Alex's dad knows the chief and this is my first offense and blah blah blah," I rolled my eyes. 

"You know what?" Kate asked with a grin. 


"This is the happiest I've ever seen you. And all because of Alex." 

I blushed furiously. "That is-" 

Suddenly, I was interrupted by one of Kate's friends running up to us. "OMG! Guys, did you hear what the theme for the winter dance is? It's a masquerade! How cool is that?" She gushed, and then ran off, her red hair streaming out behind her. 

"Are we going with Jeremy?" I turned to Kate with a smile, glad that this distracted Kate from the previous conversation. 

"OMG, yeah! We need to go dress shopping together and get our hair done and..." 

I stopped listening after that, occasionally nodding and saying "yeah." But, only one thought was on my mind. 

Who was Alex going with? 


Just as I sat down in homeroom, Alex walked in, spotting me and grinning. He came and sat down right next to me. 

"So, the winter formal is going to be a masquerade, right?" He asked, little dimples forming in his cheeks. 

OMG! OMG! Was he going to ask me to the dance?

"Yeah," I trailed off, my heart pounding as I tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear. 

"So, that's when part 2 of our revenge of Ryan and Violet comes in, right?" He asked, winking. 


My heart sank. "Yeah," I chuckled nervously, laughing it off. 

"So, do you want to come over today and we can work on it?" 




I grinned and uploaded the file to my USB, saving it as "REVENGE." I spinned around in the chair and high-fived Alex. "This is going to be epic!" I cheered. He smiled back. We had both come back to his house after school and his whole family was out. 

"So, I have a question," he sat down on his bed, running a hand through his hair. 


"Who are you going with to the Masquerade?" He looked up at me, his blue eyes showing hope.

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