Chapter Thirty-Four - The Aftermath

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Everyone was woken up early the next morning. It was silent above us and throughout our group as we got everything packed up. Claire tended to more wounds now that she was better rested and Sophia was even able to help out as well. I was the only other Mind, but I hadn't even had the chance to try healing just yet.

None of us knew what we would be opening the doors to. I expected a lifeless battlefield, but hopefully there were some survivors that we could help out. If not that, then maybe others had gotten away. Above all, I hoped that Galen was around somewhere.

"Listen..." Sophia called out to us, motioning us to gather around once everyone was ready. "I don't know what's out there, but stick together. Be in groups at all times and stay alert. There is a good chance that there are Catchers still hanging around. Our goal is to find any survivors and then we'll decide what to do from there. We will split into three groups of four and search different areas. After an hour, we'll meet at the doors to the dormitories. Colin, can you pick the groups?"

Colin, Mackenzie's instructor and an Air, stepped forward and eyed all of us. "Group one will have Alexander, myself, Vanessa, and Jenny. Group two will have Taylor, Sophia, Leona, and Mackenzie. The last one will have the rest of you, Dakota, Claire, Cole, and Will. Any questions?"

Cole immediately stepped forward, "I--"

"This is no time for your boyfriend duties," Sophia eyed him. "You and Taylor are in separate groups, deal with it."

Cole didn't argue and stepped down, his lips pressed in a firm line. All of us began heading towards the exit, but he grabbed my arm to make me end up towards the back of the group.

"Be safe, okay? We don't know what's out there," he muttered to me, anxiety written all over his words and face.

"Same to you," I mumbled as Sophia opened the doors exiting the cellar, allowing a vast amount of light to enter.

Once we stepped out and after the sun had momentarily blinded us all, our surroundings were anything but welcoming. While I had personally been preparing all night for what awaited us, there was nothing that I could've done that would've made this moment easier. Around us were bodies, of friends and neighbors all marring the fatal wounds of battle. Dozens of them, all taken way too young. Granted, there were also the bodies of Catchers. Maybe even more of those than our own kind, but the loss of Supernatural lives still weighed heavily on all of us.

Mackenzie eventually made her way back to Cole and I and stayed closed, probably as a form of comfort. He never once questioned her pressing against his side as we continued forward.

"We'll take the arenas," Sophia muttered, pain clear in her words as she kept her head down. "Alex's group should focus on the woods, while Will's can stick around the common area. There doesn't look like there are any survivors, but please make sure."

Mackenzie then made her way to my side as she was in my group and had to leave Cole. She didn't say anything as we walked away with Leona and Sophia through the woods, making our way towards the arenas. We were quiet as we ambled on, sometimes passing by bodies which we would inspect before casting off as another fatality.

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