Chapter 25

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Arhaan's POV
"What if we have a cut off at 85%..I'm sure that will be very much beneficial??" Mr.Shane said and all agreed with him.

"I don't think that'll be a good idea" I said.

"Then what do you think??"

"What if we'll have a margin of 90%??" I said.

"90% that's too's a no no" Mr.Shane scoffed!!

"Well it's a yes yes because we'll be providing with a higher % from the others yet under the productivity line" I suggested.

"That's not even possible" now he was getting on my nerves.

"Everything's possible if we are confident in our work and on our decision, I know the risk is higher and pressure is at the top..but this will bring us loads and loads of profit" I smirked as I said.

Other members started thinking and talking amongst themselves. I was just hoping that it'll be a yes from them. Meanwhile my cell rang I checked it was Rehan. "Hello"

"Hey Arhaan I need you to come to the city hospital right now" he said in a panic tone.

"What?? Hospital?? Are you okay?? What happened to you?? How did you land over there??" I asked him straight away.

"I'm's not me" he said. O.M.G!!

"Is it Laiba??" Now I was panicked.

"It's Mahira" he said. I sighed. Thank God it isn't Laiba!! Now I was hissing my teeth in anger. Damn..this girl!!

"I can't come right now..I'm in a very important meeting. I'll be there within an hour" I replied checking my watch.

"Dude are you're wife is lying here unconscious, doctor's need your permission to carry on her treatment..and you're worrying about your meeting??" He replied angrily.

"A a ah... Not wife..Maid!! And yes I'm more worried about my meeting because I can see her face afterwards but this meeting can't be postponed. I don't really care what doctor's do or's their now will you excuse me I have a meeting to attend" I said.

"Arhaan you're unbelievable" he spoke and ended the call. I balled up my fist and hissed in anger what this girl actually wants?? If she wanted to die then should have told me earlier I would have killed her by my own self!! Why to put up a fake show..

"Mr.Sheikh we have thought and discussed from your perspective. We all know including you that the risk is very much higher but seeing your past record and your work style we have concluded to actually gave it a try...but on one condition i.e loss will be solely yours" Mr. Shane said.

I thought for a while.."Okay loss will be mine" I said. And then we both signed the agreement. Phew..this meeting was tough!!

"Congrats actually done this" Leena congratulated me.

"Thanx Leena..and yeah cancel all my appointments and meeting for today..I have some personal issues to handle" I ordered her.

"Yes Sir." She said and walked away.

I quickly called the driver and told him to bring the car right outside the building. I sat and told him to take me to the hospital. I leaned back in my seat and was damn angry. What does she actually wants?? I didn't knew that she wanted publicity this badly. My thoughts were interrupted by Laiba's call.

"Hey baby"

"Hi..Arhaan what is it on the news??" She asked. media are there. Damn!!

"I really don't know's all her freaking publicity stunt. She wanted to come to the limelight with me...but don't worry I'll get back to her." I explained.

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