Chapter Forty-Two: Scared.

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Okkkaayyy, so thank you for all the birthday wishes! :) 

(I also sorta skipping Alex's birthday in this book because I'm lazy. Don't hate me and comment not to skip it, please. :) ) 


After slogging through a whole week of schoolwork and tests, it was FRIDAY! And it was snowing! 

Guess what that means.... 


Getting back into bed after talking to my mom, I shut my eyes and tried to call back sleep. Just as I was about to drift off, my sleep was disturbed by my phone beeping. Groaning, I groped around my nightstand table before clicking it, revealing a message from Alex. 

'Hey, wanna hang out today?'

Whether it's Channing Tatum or even Harry Potter, nobody disturbs my sleep. 

Including Alex. 

'Sorry. Can't.' I reply half-asleep. I just managed to place my phone on my nightstand table before I drifted off into unconsciousness. 


The sun was going down, creating a beautiful and perfect view. 

"Wow. Isn't the view just amazing?" I say breathlessly to Alex. 

"Yes, it is," he replies, staring straight at me. I stare into his eyes in a trance, my eyes drifting over to his lips. 

I inch closer and closer, his breath mixed with mine. 

Our lips collide in a sweet and gently kiss that leaves me breathless. We pull away and we look into each other's eyes, both thinking the same thing. 

We want more. 

Our lips connect in a feverish way, making up for all the missed opportunities to kiss. We tumble to the ground, Alex's arm wrapped around my waist and my hands tangled in his dark hair. 

"Alex," I breath. 


"I really, really, really like you," I begin, my forehead resting on his, 


"God, I had to keep this is for so long," I say, my fingers curling into his hair. It feels so good to tell him this and get it off my chest. 


Alex opens his mouth. 


Ice-cold water is thrown on top of me and I sit up straight, hair drenched, blinking. 

No sunset. 

Just my room. 

With me soaked. 

"Alex!" I growl to the devil himself as he laughs, bending over forwards. I push back wet strands of my hair. 

"I hope you know you mutter my name when you sleep," he smirks, taking a seat next to me on my bed. 

(Gif on the right or above) "It was nightmare," I cross my arms, blushing as I remembered what I had dreaming about before Alex had woken me up. Stupid, stupid, Cass. Constantly thinking of impossible situations. "Wait. How did you get into my house? Why? What?" I blubber, suddenly confused. 

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