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"Freya Bradberry! Where the bloody hell is my green top?"

At the sound of her name, the pajama clad girl sunk further into the warm sheets of her bed. She had woken up early yet again, but this time it was to complete the bit of homework she had been assigned that weekend. This way, she could have the whole day in Hogsmeade to roam around with no worry of assignments.

A single waxen envelope was placed on her bedside table, along with the letter it held underneath. Her mother's cursive filled the page, and it was quite clear to Freya that the woman was indeed trying. Though letters could not make up for lost time, maybe some sort of relationship would be held within the family of three if the small attempts continued.

The meagerly ajar door slammed against the wall as it was opened completely by Lily, who sauntered into their dormitory with an arched eyebrow and crossed arms. Her verdant eyes immediately fell on her flaxen haired friend. In response, Freya maneuvered her own gaze to the Charms homework that was clenched in between her nimble fingertips.

"Where is my green top?" Lily repeated.

Marlene groaned and the covers of her bed were tugged up so harshly that they untucked from the mattress. She skimmed the room with a drowsy and half awake expression, "Where is my peace and quiet?"

"Probably wherever Lily's shirt is," Freya sarcastically muttered under her breath as she messily scrawled an answer onto her homework.

"And where is that?" Lily spoke. Her words were directed in more of a demanding than questioning tone.

"The bin."

A silence seeped throughout the room as all three girls stared at Freya in awe. Mary's dark brown eyes peaked from the top of her covers in interest as she watched the ongoing events.

Truthfully, it hadn't been her fault that she was forced to throw away the shirt, but she knew there was no point in explaining to Lily until she had finished her rant, which was predictably soon to come.

"You what?" The redhead practically bellowed.

"On second thought," Marlene noted as she crawled out from under the fluffy bedding that had previously covered her body and walked towards the exit, "The Common Room is a great place to sleep. Marvelous actually now that I think about it. You coming, Mary?"

As soon as the offer left her mouth, Mary too slung her dark legs out of her bed without much hesitation. The girls had been sharing a room for seven years, meaning they knew how Lily became when she was angry, and they preferred to stay out of it unless they were the ones in the firing zone. Mary grabbed two pillows on her way before she left the dormitory without another word.

"It really wasn't my fault Lily," Freya weakly attempted to defend herself while she shoved her homework into her satchel and scrambled out of bed. Lily was nearing with such a clouded look that the girl felt safer on her toes, perhaps within sprinting distance of the door.

The redhead advanced slowly, "How could it possibly not be your fault?"

"Because it's mine," Sirius stated from where he had stood without notice at the door that the other two girls left ajar upon their departure. His arms were crossed against his chest and his head was rested uncomfortably against the doorframe. Unlike the two female friends, he had changed out of his pajamas and into his typical leather jacket, black jeans and white t-shirt.

The green eyes of the shirt searching girl shot from both the friends with the same piercing glint, "Your fault?"

He shrugged, "I told Freya to wear it when we when we set off those dungbombs in Filch's office —"

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