Chapter 52

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I felt the heat of the sun against my skin as I started to wake up. My eyes blink quickly to adjust itself to the brightness of the room. I look around to see that I was on a wooden porch which was looking over a view of the village below.

What was I doing here? Suddenly flashes of memories appeared in my mind, images of crying then blackness but also images of my brother appearing before I blacked out.

"I see that you are awake." a voice said behind me.

I quickly turned around to see my brother sitting on a chair behind me. He stared at me with concern and sadness but why? Why kidnapped me and feel guilty about it? What is his problem now?

"Charlie, why did you kidnap me?" I asked him but he stared at me with sadness.

I stand up from my spot which startled by brother for some odd reason. I needed to get back in time for the plan. I glared at Charlie who sat there comfortably, well not for long.

"Charlie. I swear to god you better have a good reason for kidnapping me or else I'm going to freeze you." I said with hostility in my voice that shocked him.

"Winter, I needed to get you out of there. It's not safe for you anymore." Charlie said.

"It's funny coming from a kidnapper that took his own sister away without her wanting to be taken away. I can protect myself Charlie." I said walking towards the stairs but was stopped by Charlie.

"What are you doing, Winter?" Charlie asked blocking me.

"I'm going back to the Academy." I said trying to pass Charlie but he wouldn't let me.

"Winter, you gotta run. The Academy is no longer safe for you or any of the other Elementals. I have no idea what the Elders are planning but you have to run and hide from them. They will kill you." Charlie said.

"Like you even care? You are one of them Charlie. I can't trust you anymore, even if you are my brother. You knew what happened to mum but didn't tell me and you join their organisation to kill my kind. How can I trust you?" I asked him but his eyes showed sign of shock.

"You think I didn't know? You and Elder James went down to the basement where they kept mum's body and all the rest of my kind that they slaughtered. They were in bloody jars, Charlie! How could you stand there and not feel repulsed by what they do?" I said.

I stared into his blue eyes but he doesn't reply me. There was no use trying to get information out of a guilty man. I move passed him to start walking back to the Academy.

"You've changed Winter. Where is the little girl that would stare at me with happiness and joy on her face? She is gone. Now I see a girl who is filled of hatred and fear." Charlie said.

I laughed at Charlie, at his accusations towards me. Does he really think that after being locked up for several years and knowing nothing about what happened to our parents will make me happy? If he does, he is the most stupid Elder ever.

"You think locking me in Noble Academy made me happy? You think that I would be happy there? No friends. No family. I don't even have a freaking life in that place. I am a prisoner and a test rat for all of them, Charlie! And who was the person that brought me to that place? You!" I spit at him but he never express anything in return.

"I sent you there for your own good, Winter! You have powers like mom. You had to go there to train your powers. I am your family, Winter." Charlie said standing up.

"Family? You don't even know what that means Charles! You knew what happened to mom all this time and you sent me to that hell hole of a place. So much for family! You sold me to them and kept dad away. How can you called that protecting?" I shouted at Charles.

"The Elders said you were to powerful for your own good! That you need to be tamed if not all hell will break lose. Like the day, you burned down the orphanage we stayed at. You killed all of those innocent children, Winter. You are a murderer." Charles spat at me and I slap him hard on the face.

"I may be a murderer but you are no better. You left all the other Elementals to die there and you left dad to deal with his own misery and loneliness while you play king at that place. Out here you are no King but a lonely man who thinks that he knows everything when in fact, you know nothing. You say I've changed? You should have noticed that change the day you took me away from dad." I said.

"Like you know anything? You act like you do but you are just a naive little girl who wants to do the hell she wants and have people bow before her feet. You are nothing but a bit-". I kicked Charles in the no touch land and he launched over in pain.

He groans as the pain stings his whole body. I look down at him and grab him by the jaw.

"For once in your life, feel pain because this feeling you have right now. To you it's hell but to me it's nothing. You put me through severals years of loneliness and pain. Now you feel it brother." I said dropping his jaw causing him to fall down.

"You aren't my brother." I scowl at him before leaving him at the old orphanage. 


Thank you to MsChallenjour for the new cover

Thank you to MsChallenjour for the new cover

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