Chapter Twenty Five.

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Songs for this chapter are:

What You Need- The Weeknd

Perfectly Lonely- John Mayer

Jason Walker- Echo


It's been less than ten minutes since Dakota left my house and I'm more and more ashamed by the minute. I hate that this happened to me, and to her. I can't imagine how my inadequacy has made her feel.

Well, I can sort of imagine because she climbed down my fire escape and obviously preferred leaving over talking to me about what happened. I wish she would have talked to me, even yelled at me, instead of leaving through my bathroom window. I feel like shit about it, so I imagine that she may feel even worse.

Her words ring through my ears, "I don't get it. How can you not?"

I felt so much worse in that moment and now those words won't seem to stop repeating inside my head.

I sit on the couch and bury my face in my hands. Dakota is probably never going to want to talk to me for a while, maybe never again. The thought of that makes my head spin. I can't imagine her being completely out of my life. The thought is so strange. Too strange. I've known her half of my life and even when we broke up, I still knew she was out there, not hating me. Her having bad feelings toward me for the rest of our lives just wouldn't be right. It would be like messing with the universe, it wouldn't make sense.

A knock on my door pulls me from my pity party and I jump up. It must be Dakota, it has to be since Tessa is closing tonight and since it's Friday, she won't be off until at least midnight at the earliest. The guest knocks again and I prepare myself for the tornado that is Dakota. Did she come back to hear my apology, or possibly even give her own?

I rush to the door and yank it open. It's not Dakota. It's Nora, with her hands full of grocery bags.

"Can you grab something, please?" She's struggling with the bags in her hands and I grab as many as I can without making her drop one.

When I glance inside them, there's lots of green stuff. I can't tell what any of it is, except that it's green and looks kind of fluffy. The heaviest of the three bags makes a clinking sound when I put it on the counter and when I peek inside, I find three bottles of wine.

"Sorry, I was either going to lose an arm or the wine and after today, I'd rather lose an arm," Nora says as she puts the other bag on the kitchen counter.

She begins to pull stuff out like she lives here and I watch her silently navigate my kitchen and place her food inside my fridge. She pulls out the bottles of wine, one by one, and puts them in the freezer.

I thought wine froze, unlike liquor, but I don't want to ask her and look like an idiot.

"Are you waiting for Tessa or something?" I ask, unsure how to start conversation with her, or if I should.

We've been distant since agreeing to be friends, so I take it she doesn't want to be friends after all.

Nora nods. "Yep. She's having a rough night too, a twenty-top just walked in and they put them in her section even though she's still new. I got bitched out for bitching out the hostess," Nora rolls her eyes.

"Seems fair?" I shrug, smiling at her so she knows I'm joking.

She smiles, "Touché."

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