Chapter 30

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Arhaan POV
I was sleeping very peacefully but something was poking me and giving me soft tingles all around my face and neck. I removed that thing but it came back again..and I didn't wanted to disturb my sleep so I avoided it.

Uhh..what is it that is actually tingling me?? After arguing for so long with myself I finally decided to open my only one eye. I opened my one eye but quickly I closed back again not sure about what I actually was seeing was true or is it my imagination??

After a while I again opened both of my eyes..but all I could do was smile at the sight before me. The annoying thing that was poking or tingling me was Mahira's hair that was lying freely on my shoulder with Mahira. Yes she was sleeping on my chest and her hair on my shoulder.

Actually my left leg was on top of her and her left leg was on top of me...we both were practically on top of another!! God if she would have been awake now, God forbid she would have surely got a heart attack!! I guess we were not able to maintain distance.

She was sleeping so peacefully that for the first time I felt relaxed!!! Her hair that was softly blowing on my shoulder because of the early morning breeze that was coming through the window was actually making me feel good. Strange na?? Her face was shining like a star even early in the morning.

Her milky complexion was glowing under the soft rays of the sun, her natural blush that was covering her cheeks, her long straight hair that had made me madly in love with them was now resting peacefully. Her delicate soft pink lips were pressed badly I wanted to kiss her!! Damn my morning hormones.

Even her dupatta was tangled with us. We both are tangled now!! This made me chuckled...Oh! how my body was on full fire when I had kissed her earlobe on the Camel and her scent perfectly filled my lungs. The way she landed on my lap during the desert safari was so good.

Though it was embarrassing in front of mom,dad and Aamna but on the inside I was jumping up and down like a small kid who has just been given his favorite lollipop!! And how can I forget that moment when my fingers touched her back when putting the whole body was on current something that has never happened with Laiba.

I've noticed this many times whenever I'm with her my body turns warm as if she is my heater!! I know it's weird but it is true..whenever I touch her sparks starts running through my veins. No matter however she is dressed or whatever she is doing..her little little things also catch my attention..and it warms me.

I know I was the one only who wanted to make her life a living hell..but now I've also started following her in that hell. I had to stop myself from these feelings. I don't know for how long I was staring her, I inched myself a little closer towards her and kissed her forehead.

She opened her eyes unwillingly,creases covering her forehead. As her eyes met mine she bolted up from her position making me disappoint and was staring me. Her natural blush was now very much prominent and more radiant. She was now looking everywhere but not towards me.

I was frowning at her...then she suddenly started looking at her...she looked inside the blanket then at I was totally confused. The suddenly she became full red more than before..and was not looking at me, she even covered herself till neck with blanket.

And then realization hit me...the kurti that she was wearing have a little deep neck that's why last night she had covered herself fully..I had teased her also for that. Shit...shit...shit...her dupatta is with me...stupid!! I quickly untangled myself from the sheets and ran towards the bathroom to avoid this extreme awkward situation. What what this girl will make feel???

After freshening up I went out hoping to not to see her and yes she was not there. I sighed happily..after getting ready I was going downstairs when I saw her outside Aamna's room. She was wearing sky blue and white plain embroidered Salwar Kameez. Water dripping from her hair and she was rubbing her hair with the I wish to be that towel!! Geez did I just said that??? I need a coffee!!

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