The Betrayal

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 As I embrace my love inhaling his scent, I smelled something different on him something weird but I let it go and enjoyed the moment, he pulled back and stared at me with so much emotion running from his eyes, his mouth is formed into a smile, I moved my hand to his cheek caressing his face making sure I wasn't dreaming he leaned in to my hand and putting his hand on mine, tears fell from his eyes as he embraces my hand on his face, probably thinking the same as I was

 “Finally” he whispered his eyes still closed and a smile playing on his lips

 “Crystal!” I looked up to see Sam smiling down at me tears also running down his face

 “Sam” I said with a smile Daniel had already let go of my hand and helping me up I stood up and looked at Sam, he extended his arms towards me and I made my way into them hugging him

 “I've missed you so much Crystal Salvador Scott” I laughed and leaned back looking at him

 “I've missed you too Sam Scott” he laughed looking at me

 “Don't forget about us!” screamed a familiar voice and my face brighten as I looked behind Sam to see Anna and Jenny smiling with tears running down their faces we all ran to meet each other half way, we all jumped into hugs with tears flowing freely

 “Never ever leave us again!” said Anna hugging me tight

 “And never ever break your promises!” said Jenny leaning back giving me a fake glare and I smiled at both of them

 “I'll try not to make promises that I cant keep, and as for never leaving you guys...I'll try” they both nod with small smiles on their faces, I turned to look behind them to see an old man and a young girl standing aside, I could smell the earlier scent I smelled on Daniel radiating off the girl, she was smiling but had tears in her eyes, but she wasn't looking at me, she was looking at someone behind me and I slowly turned to see Daniel, but he wasn't looking at her but at me with a hint of guilt in his eyes but it left as soon as he noticed me looking intently at him I looked back to the girl feeling like there was something going on but before I could ask the old man spoke up

 “Hello my Queen” he said walking over extending his arm to me I took it and shook it

 “My name is Reginald, i'm the royal physic” I shook his hand and nod

 “Nice to meet you Reginald” he smiled and let go I looked around and saw two wolfs in the distance

 “Who are they?” I asked no one in particular and Jenny answered

 “My royal body guards” I nod but my eyes ran around looking every where trying to find the one person I was actually thrilled to meet but I couldn't find her

 “Where is my daughter?” I asked again to no one in particular

 “She's sleeping at home” answered Daniel no next to me, my body stiffened worried about my daughters safety

 “Don't worry we have a dozen vampire and werewolf guards around the castle and my parents are there with her too” Daniel answered I nod but I didn't relax

 “Lets go, I want to see her” I said looking to everyone, they all nod and Jenny turned to her wolf getting ready to run, her royal guards stood next to her just waiting for her signal I turned to look at Daniel looking at him with a small smile and grabbed his hand, but I didn't miss the small sound of someone gasping and I knew who it was but I let it go

 “Shall we?” I asked and he nods looking at me lovingly we started running through the forest followed by my small family and the two new members, although I kinda felt like the girl is somewhat untrustworthy but I shoved it back and kept on running excited to see my daughter I didn't even bother going through the doors I just jumped to the first balcony knowing that she was there, I landed gracefully on the concrete and slowly made my way to the doors seeing the slightly dim light in the room, I slowly opened the door and walked in to see my beautiful little girl sleeping on the bed, tears fell from my eyes as I walked near the bed

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