Chapter 32

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We were on the way to the airport and yes he has tried many times to talk to me but I kept on ignoring him. I still couldn't believe that whatever happened between us, he was already regretting it???

What the hell does he think of himself?? I'm not Laiba or any other girl who'll throw herself at him. But at the same time I had let him to take advantage of me..what if that evening Laiba wouldn't have call?? Then what would have happen?? Was I ready for that commitment??

Only that mere thought also make my mind go on a roller coaster ride!! "Bhabhi I'll miss you so very much!! Why are you going let bhai go..and you stay" Aamna pouted as she said. I smiled.

"Well the idea is not bad at all..and as it is Arhaan don't need me there" I said as I glared at him. "Right Arhaan??" I fake smiled at him.

He was fuming in anger "No, I need you over there" he hissed through his teeth.

"Yes Of course to do house chores na?? After all I'm your Maid!!" I whispered to him. He clenched his jaw in anger.

"Oh bhai please don't be sad you're wife is going with you. I'm not that evil that I'll separate two love birds" Aamna teased.

"Ah!! No dear who said you're evil you're my cupcake but yeah there are people who love to separate themselves only from their loved ones" I said.

"Those people are mentally retarded!!" Aamna replied.

"Arhaan take care of my daughter very well. If I hear a single complain also about you then that will be the end of your freedom!! And yeah, I know very well that Mahira will never tell me if you'll do something bad but remember one thing Arhaan if I can get hold of your schedules then I can lay finger on anything" Mom warned him.

He was staring at his mom. Serves right!! I smirked at his reaction and he rolled his eyes. We had reached the airport, said our goodbyes and now we are waiting for our jet. Some thing has come up with the jet so it'll take half an hour to solve it. So now we are waiting tick tick tick!!!

"Mahira listen to me..give me a chance to explain..whatever happened" he said but I cut him off!!

"I know that it was a mistake and I shouldn't have allowed you and you already regret please stop bothering me and do your own work if you have any" I replied curtly.

Since yesterday he has been try to give me excuses, explain and what not but nope I'm not yet ready to receive another heart break!! And why he is pestering me to listen to if he cares??

This is all a lie. This marriage, why he is behaving like this?? It's not the first time that he had hurt why he's trying to talk to me?? Whatever it is I'm not ready to face him and see his regret filling eyes.

" as you like" he said glaring.

And I found business magazine very interesting. He kept on huffing and puffing on his seat. I was having a hard time to control my laughter..but I was managing.

Finally the wait was over and we proceeded towards our jet. God it would be a very long journey. I plopped down on one of the recliner seats and buckled up. He kept and sat beside me. I sighed...a very very long sigh!!

After an hour or so I felt someone poking me. I opened my eyes and saw Arhaan only an inch away from my face. I gasped and jerked away bumping my head in the process.

"Ow" I squealed in pain rubbing my hand on my head. He quickly came back with a ice bag and started rubbing. For a second I melted in his touch but soon I regained back myself.

"I can take care of myself" I said and removed his hand.

"Yes that's why you got hurt" he replied again rubbing my head.

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