Chapter 8

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(Xavier on the side)

Ariana's POV:

I was standing near my locker with Josh and Emma.

"You remember Emily?" Em asked

"Yea." I replied

"Who is she?" Josh asked

"She's a fuckin' bitch" Emma said

Josh frowned. He had a bewilder expression. He turned his head slightly to me as if asking 'what the hell is she talking about?'

"She used to bully Em and-" before i could finish my sentence Emma interrupted

"And used to sleep with every guy i liked or had a crush on" Emma said while muttering 'slut'

I felt someone burning holes through my body. I turned and saw Xavier with his friends Damon and Hunter.

After a few minutes i saw Emma motioning her head asking me to turn around. I did and saw a girl with clothes that barely covered her kissing Xavier.

I felt something in the pit of my stomach. I felt anger fill inside of me. Of course he would kiss girls he's a player after all. He wouldn't  change.

Why am i jealous?

Maybe because you like him my subconscious said

'I do not' i snapped

Wow! I am going insane, talking to myself.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when i heard the bell. Emma, Josh and I parted our ways

"Are you ok?" Josh asked

"Uh-um yea. Why wouldn't i be?"

"No reason." 

I entered the class and sat at my usual seat. Mr. Valdez strolled in and started teaching. Aidan came and sat behind me. I frowned and turned towards him

"Aren't you siting with me?"

"Uh-" before he could say anything else the door opened and Xavier came in

"Yes?" Mr. Valdez asked and raised an eyebrow

"I was transfered here"

"Okay. Intoduce yourself"

"I dont think i need to introduce myself. Everyone here knows me" Xavier replied arrogantly

"Very well." Mr. Valdez searched for a sear wheb his eyes stopped at ne. 'Please not me. Please not me. Please not me' i silently prayed.

"Ms. Lockwood. You may sit with Ms. Lockwood"

Xavier smirked and then came towards me and sat next to me

"Hi" he whispered. I rolled my eyes and ignored him

"Hey" he tried again

" i will start singing 'Hot bling' if you wont talk to me"

" what to do want?" I snapped. I didn't realized that everyone was quite. Everyone turned their heads towards our seat

"Do you want to say something Ms. Lockwood? Mr. Valdez asked angrily

"No" i muttered

"Then stop disturbing my class and pay attention. I will see you in Detention"
(A/N: It rhymed😂)

"But-" i protested

"If you don't want a week's detention i suggest you keep your little mouth shut"

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