{chapter 25}

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"We sooo need to hang out . I miss you way too much." Minnie said as we took our seats in the front.

"I know, I need to go out after all this work I've been doing." I replied gesturing to my pile of work I had ready to turn in.

"Sooooo how is future baby daddy Nix." Minnie purred making me laugh and cross my legs.

"Nonexistent." I said rolling my eyes making her raise an eyebrow in question. "So you remember that drug bust that happened at the party? Well it's all blown up and he's working the case. He can't even tell me the details for safety reasons or something . But he's literally never home." I sighed.

"But girl, he's making that money right?" She joked making me slap her arm softly.

"Yeah but I want him home at nights with me." I groaned.

"Yeah I would want him home with me too." She laughed making me burst into giggles too.

Our laughs were ended by the class being called to attention.

The class went by quicker than I hoped, short classes mean more at home studying, something I definitely wasn't in the mood for.

I walked out of class and departed from Minnie and started walking my way to my favorite mini cafe on campus that I haven't been in what felt like ages.

Memories of me arguing with Phoenix crossed my mind making me smile a little.

I ordered only a green tea since I decided to cook dinner at home for once.

I sat in a booth by the window overlooking our green campus and occasionally giving familiar faces a small wave.

My tea was brought out to me and I sat there simply drinking and scrolling through all my social medias, and deciding to post a mirror selfie I took of my outfit which consisted of a simple white dress that had a cut out design around the waist.

Sitting here in my thoughts and completely undisturbed made me think of something that was pushed to the very back of my mind.

My family.

I missed my sister and my mother, my dad was eh. After our falling out over diner with Phoenix our talking had been very scarce.

I sighed  while swallowing my pride and sending a group text to mother and Ellie.

"Miss you guys" I typed before sending it and immediately clicking my phone and putting it in my purse.

I grabbed my remaining drink and walked my way to my car.

I drove my way back to my apartment making a mental checklist of all my small activities I needed to do.

I did this up until unlocking my door and steeping inside.

I kicked off my shoes and threw my purse items down before yelling out a quick "Anyone home?"

"Welcome home." A deep unfamiliar voice greeted making me let out a scream before swiftly turning toward the voice.

"You fuckboy" I growled loudly letting out a sigh and leaning against the door frame. "You scared me half to death. No actually all the way to death." I rolled my eyes at the one and only  Roger.

"Didn't mean to." He shrugged Turing his attention back to the TV.

I narrowed my eyes at him and crossed my arms. "Where's Nix?" I asked slightly annoyed my ever loving boyfriend forgot to mention we were going to have some sort of company. I didn't mind but I would of liked to been able to tidy up a little bit and pick up my bras off of the bathroom floor.

Plus I was excited to come home and hopefully lay next to Phoenix, I missed him so much, this new case takes a lot of time.

"Here." I heard Phoenix's voice answer behind me before her picked me up from behind in a bear hug.

"Nix!" I squealed desperately trying to pull down my dress , even though I'm sure Roger just got an eyeful.

He set me down and i turned around to kiss him but stopped when he was dripping.

"Go dry off before you kiss me! You already got my back damp." I scolded him lightly pushing his bare chest.

Water droplets clung to his hair and chest. His lower half only had a towel wrapped around it exposing partially his v line and hard stomach that any other time would of had me absolutely drooling .

He stole a quick kiss from me before jogging off towards our room.

"So why are you here?" I tried to ask as politely as possible to Roger. Vague memories of me jumping out of his police car and into some type of riot to find Phoenix temporary flashed my brain.

"Why are you?" He asked smiling mocking me.

"I so happen to live here." I replied taking seat on the love seat that was adjacent to the couch.

"Well I'm moving in." He said casually making my eyes pop and my jaw drop. Before I could spit out a response Roger laughed and shook and his head . "Chill, I was just kidding I came back with Nix so we could shower , get a bite before going back to the station." He explained.

I sighed softly realizing another night Nix wasn't going to be home. "Well then I better go tell him bye." I said to Roger before heading back to our bedroom.

I opened the door to find Phoenix buttoning his jeans.

"How are you?" I asked softly while laying on top of our bed.

"Great. Everything is falling into place, I would tell you but...."

"But you can't because its confidential I get it." I replied slightly annoyed because this is how our usual conversation for the past weeks.

Nix noticed my annoyance and stopped getting dressed immediately and turned to look at me.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

I sighed and laid onto the bed and rubbed my face tiredly.  "Nothing, I just really miss you." I confessed.

The bed dipped as Phoenix placed his knees on either side of my torso and leaning down to peck my lips. "I really miss you too, I swear tomorrow night I'll tell my boss I absolutely can't stay and we'll have like a date night." He promised.

I couldn't help but smile widely through the kiss. "Where are you gonna take me?" I flirted.

"Depends..." He trailed off sliding his hand up my thigh pushing my dress up.

My dress was pushed up revealing my super sexy (or at least I thought they were sexy because I payed 40 dollars for two pair) lace boy short.

Phoenix began to move back and unbutton his pants when our bedroom door swung open making my gasp and quickly sit up.

"Hurry up Nix-holy shit" he muttered immediately closing the door but I could still here him muttering profanities.

Phoenix and I looked at each other for a second before laughing.

"We can never catch a break huh?" I asked rubbing my hand over his face which was slightly flushed.

He places his hand in mine which was resting on his cheek. "Nah, but would we really want to?"


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