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a/n: hello, you beautiful people!

just to let you guys know that there are only a couple chapters left in BoH, which will definitely be drama-filled. a lot will happen, but the most important thing is that this book is finally going to be coming to an end! I expect there to be maybe four or five chapters left, maybe even less.

I hope you guys like this chapter! It's relatively short, and I tried to make it as long as I could but I couldn't think of how I could add on to it. I'm sorry for that :(

but please feel free to comment, vote, share, all that good stuff. happy reading!

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Chapter Forty-Three

"Dude, get out of my way!"

"You're way? Get out of my way!"

          "Tyler, I swear--"

          "Are you kidding me? We were literally just about to win!"

           I looked between Faith and Tyler, raising an eyebrow and smirking in amusement at their childish banter. They were playing some video game I'd never heard of, and were clearly way too invested in what was happening on the screen. They were playing in two-player mode and apparently Tyler's player in the game blocked Faith's view, which ended up causing both of them to lose.

          "Well, if you moved out of the way, maybe we wouldn't have lost." Faith argued, pointing the controller at her boyfriend accusingly.

          "I can't believe you think this is my fault!" Tyler exclaimed. "I don't even know why I play with you."

           "Because it is your fault," Faith said with a simple shrug of her shoulders. "And you play with me because you really don't have a choice."

          Faith turned back to the TV screen and started up a new game. I watched as Tyler's smirk quickly faded away into an affectionate smile at her profile.

          "Hey, guys," I greeted from Faith's bed, deciding to let my presence be known. "Remember me? I'm your friend, Lauren."

          Faith turned and smiled, tilting her head to the side thoughtfully. "Now, how could we forget your sweet face?"

           "You guys seem to be doing a good job." I said sarcastically.

          "Lauren, come on," Tyler turned to me and gave me a pitiful look. "You had to know you were going to third-wheel when you came over." 

           Narrowing my eyes at him, I grabbed one of Faith's pillows and threw it at him. Laughing, he quickly lifted his arm and blocked the close hit to his face.

          They went back to their game and I went back to lying there with nothing to do. When I first arrived, Faith, as well as Tyler, were hungry to know every detail of Logan and I's date. But after all information had been squeezed out of me, they went back to their video games and left me to sit all by my lonesome.

Deciding I needed something to do, I pushed myself off the bed and made my way to the door, informing my friends I would be downstairs. Having not received a response in return, I was certain they weren't paying attention to me and rolled my eyes, exiting the room without uttering another word.

I hopped down the stairs and strolled into the empty kitchen. Heading straight for the refrigerator, I pulled on the door handle and searched for an appetizing snack. Though there was food, I opted for a cold bottle of water and grabbed it from the bottom shelf. I used my hip to close the door and brought the bottle to my lips. I took a sip, and as I turned around to head back up to Faith's room, her mother, Natalie, turned the corner and walked into the kitchen.

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