Chapter 10

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Ariana's POV:


I woke up with my alarm blaring. I looked at the time and saw it was 7:30am.


I jolted awake and ran towards the bathroom. I took a quick shower and wore a flannel shirt with denim skinny pants and black converse.

I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. With an apple in my hand i got in my car and sped in the direction of school.

Last night I slept at 1:00 am because of the homework and assignments that i had to complete.

When i reached school i heard the warning bell and I was relieved that i wasn't late. Only a few students could be seen in the hallway.

Grabbing my books from my locker i ran towards the class whilst praying Mr.Valdez wasn't in the class or I would've gotten detention.Again.

Yesterday its wasn't so bad at detention as Xavier and the guys came there too and since the teacher was sleeping we had fun without anyone stopping us but Xavier being Xavier glared at the boys if they came 'too' close to me.

I reached the class and when I opened the door my prayers were answered because Mr.Valdez wasn't there.

I saw Xavier sitting at his usual seat which was next to mine with his head down.

It was strange because Xavier was never like this.

I sat at my seat and lightly touched his shoulder. He looked up whislt frowning but when he saw it was me his eyes softened a bit and a smile tugged at his lips which is rare because i've never seen him smile.

His smile that could get him girls swooning over him. I felt my heart skipped a beat when i saw him smile.

"You okay?" I asked

"I am now that you're here" he replied playfully

I laughed lightly and from the corner of my eye i saw him staring at me. I turned my head towards him ready to ask him why he was looking at me but our 'moment' was cut short because of Mr.Valdez coming in.

Mr.Valdez started teaching and Xavier placed his hands on the table. I saw his knuckles red and some of the dried blood there.

I wanted to ask him but thought against it as it was none of my business.

Soon the class ended and everyone left. I was leaving when Mr.Valdez called me.

"What is your answer Ms. Lockwood? Are you going to teach him or not?" He asked

"I don't have any problem with teaching him but you should ask Tyler too" just as i finished my sentence Tyler entered the classroom but he was unrecognizable.

He had bruised cheek and a black eye. It looked like someone beat him up.

"What happened to you Mr. Weston?"

"None of your business" he grumbled

"Ok. So Ms. Lockwood here has agreed to teach you. Are you okay with it?" Mr. Valdez asked

"No i am not" he replied. I stood there dumfounded by his boldness

"And why is that if i may ask?" Asked Mr. Valdez

"I don't want her to teach me. Anyone else can teach me but her." He looked at me with fear in his eyes

"I don't want to teach him either. I am leaving" with that i left whilst cursing him in my head.

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