Chapter Twenty Eight: Why He Must Die

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But this dark hour I must do nothing, though I’ve heard your unbearable cries. The power in your blood destroys all of the lies. Soon you’ll see past their unmerciful eyes. ...Now I can tell you why, she is why you must die. Why” by Nichole Nordeman

Primula POV

"I don't understand...what do you mean Arion is the vessel?" Zero demanded angrily. At this point I was beyond shock as I stared at Selene in tears. Arion was still beside me - actually, he hasn't spoken a word since he discovered he was the vessel. Dean and Vates mouths were hanging open while Nereid looked sad. Jebidiah and Zero on the other hand were lively, as they demanded that Selene explained herself to them. She was very patient as she watched our expression - almost like we were her ignorant children.

"The vessel is a soul capable of containing all the evil absorbed by Tenebris. We knew that eventually the balance would be tip from the actions of our creations. And so we searched for a way to deliver the world when the end comes. In the end, only a damaged but intact soul can clean Tenebris without being destroyed. But our greatest obstacle was finding a place for all the evil collected over the years to be stored. It was not easy; we went through great length to find the container." She stopped, waiting for us to take in all the information she provided.

Everyone else listened tentatively except me - at this point I didn't care about her explanation. It wouldn't make a difference anyway.

"So the soul who can cleanse the shadow is Primula?" Vates asked sending a warm smile my way. I ignored her; there was nothing to smile about. Anyway, I already made my decision - I was just waiting for them to finish talking.

"What I'm interested in is the fact that you made my uncle the vessel!" Jebidiah said through clenched teeth. I could see he wanted to snap but he couldn't after all this was a goddess he was talking to. "And what do you mean he does not belong here?"

"It means this world is not his home. We retrieved him from another universe slightly parallel to this one. Because he was never meant to be here, he does not have a mate. He feels alone and empty in our world." She explained carefully gorging our expression. I think at this point she realized that we didn't like her plan.

"But he is my uncle not some -"

"Your grandmother was done having children when we found the vessel but he needed to be born in our world so we made it possible for her to deliver one more child." Selene interrupted Jebidiah as he tried protesting.

My eyes widened when what she said finally registered to me. "So he could have had a mate!" I whispered looking up at Selene in horror. "He would have had a family, real one not the one he was forced into." I was crying at this point as I stared at Arion who jaw was locked and face blanked. "You took him from his time, his space, world, mate...just so he could be your container?"

"Child you do not understand -"

"What would his mate be feeling right now?" I cut her off wondering if there was another person out there feeling empty because their other half was taken away. "Will this person feels empty like Arion does? Well they wonder why they don't have a mate?"

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