Now More than ever we need books

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For those who may or may not be aware, this book was removed earlier this year due to me needing a break from this site for a barrage of reasons. It was a decision I didn't take lightly and still think it was the right decision for me.

Then the coronavirus came.

It's a global pandemic not seen in a long time. Entire countries are in lockdown. Kids are out of school for an unknown time. Workers are laid off. It's insanity.

As I prepared myself for my own lockdown or the potential to be laid off during this time, I began to prepare books, games, my writing, and anything else I could find to entertain myself for however long I needed it for. It dawned on me that a lot of you are going through that exact same thing. Some worse than me, some better, but going through it all the same. I wanted to help those going through this in some way but there isn't a lot I can do. Especially not with me going through it as well. And then I decided I could return my books to Wattpad.

If you're reading this message, that means this is one of the books chosen to return.

Now maybe I'm being an idiot for thinking my humble book can be any help to anyone, but it's all I have. At least bringing it back makes me feel like I'm helping in some way. If my books can help even one person through this trying times then I will deem that worth it. And so, a select few of my books will return to Wattpad.

Now some of my previous readers might ask me for how long, honestly... I don't know. For sure they will be up for however long this pandemic goes on. It's my hope to help you through any lockdown or quarantine you might be facing.

So please, stay safe, stay in doors as you can, and stay healthy! Here's to better days ahead.

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