Chapter 40

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This chapter is dedicated to AdibahZakin @marwatafour3 anu_boo27 Jinn_hijabi cutieneha. JazakAllah to all of you for motivating me soo much and to all of my lovely readers.

Arhaan POV
I was so tired by the time I reached home. I loosened up my tie as I entered the house and was surprised to see Mahira. She was really waiting for me. I quickly glanced at the clock and saw the time it was two thirty. The meeting went this long??

"Assalamualaikum" She said. I nodded.

"Freshen up and I'll set the table" she said. I again nodded and went up to my room. I quickly took shower and wore my lower with a tee. Ran down a hand in my hair and went downstairs. She had already set the table and was pouring water.

I went towards the table and sat down. She served the food and sat opposite of me. We ate in silence. "Where's Sani?? Sleeping??" I asked.

"No..she's not in home." She replied.

"Why?? It's late!! She should have been home uptil now!!" I asked.

"She has gone to New Jersey regarding some stuff related to her internship. So she'll be staying there today." She replied.

"Okay" I nodded.
"Mahira we need to talk" I finally told her.

"Yes..we need to" she replied.

"Look about yesterday I know I should have given you a chance to explain and I truly wanted to but I didn't gave you because you don't deserve to explain yourself. When you raised your hands on me at that time I was shouting at you to just listen to me once but you ignored my request and did what you wanted to. And I guess now you must have understood that how it feels if someone not listen to your whole story and judges you from the half of the story. Though when I came to know about the truth from Sani I felt bad and cursed for not listening to you. But you know it all happens for tit for tat!!" She said.

"Mahira I'm sorry for that..I had never been angry that much in my whole life. I don't know how I lost my temper??" I said honestly.

"So next time when you'll lose your temper you can also kill someone?? Because you again will not be in your sense??" She taunted.

"No I'll never kill someone"

"But you'll raise your hand??"

"I'm sorry for that"

"And do you think that sorry is enough for what you have done to me?? You have practically spoiled my whole life Mr.Arhaan Sheikh!!" She snapped keeping the fork loudly on the table.

"I understand.."

"Oh yeah?? So now you finally say that you understand?? Okay..tell me what do you understand?? I left my last year of college just to become your wife while you're a CEO. I left my family back in Canada while you are here enjoying yourself. I have only known one thing that your husband is your everything and you are dating Laiba. I work here like a Maid and you are enjoying your head position. And the list is endless Arhaan..what do you understand??" She was now shaking in anger.

"I know I had made mistakes and I'm ready to rectify it" I said.

"And how?? Will you leave Laiba and come back to me?? Will we be like all other happy married couples??" She asked.

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