Chapter Twenty Nine: The Truth

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I’ve been waiting for this moment for ever probably since I wrote the first chapter.


Primula POV

 The entire place was cover by a white mist making it difficult for me to see the ground or anything else for that matter. Whenever I inhaled, a piercing cold would enter through my nostril, chilling my inside. My body was shivering like someone was sucking the life out of me. Rubbing my arms, I tried to contain my body heat from escaping as much as possible. At this point I have given up on looking for Arion and Selene. Whenever I tried to speak or call out to them, my breath would come out looking thick and white like a piece of my soul was mix with it.

Closing my eyes, I clenched my teeth and walked around praying I find someone to ask for help. I couldn’t even tell if we were in purgatory; was this it? Is that why I was feeling so cold? Selene said I could enter purgatory but she never told me what I would feel or what I should expect. I wonder if Arion was faring any better than I. Was he feeling the same wintry chill I was? Or was he experiencing something totally different from me?

My legs were starting to wabbled not able to sustain my body weight, of course the numbness they were feeling was not helping at all. Dropping down, I wrapped my arms around myself wondering if I was going to die from this deathly frosty world.

“Someone he-lp m-me,” I shivered, instantly closing my mouth with my hands when a thick pure white fog escaped it. I waited, listening for a sound, just a sign that someone heard me and was coming to my rescue. Soon my endless waiting turned into despair and hopelessness as a strong realization that I was going to die, here, alone hit me. I whimpered, rocking back and forth just about ready to give up.

So lost in my misery, I didn’t noticed warmth coming back to my body or that the cold fog was replaced by soothing sunlight.

When all the chill had finally left my body, I lifted my head looking around. The place was still cover with the same white mist but it wasn’t freezing like before. Gazing around, I wondered if someone heard my cry for help.

“Come Primula, let’s talk.” I jumped, looking all around for the voice. I didn’t see anything except the mystic cloud of smoke.

“Follow my voice,” the person spoke again. If my heart could beat from fear, it would but since I entered this place my heart rate had slow down tremendously; it was barely beating. What should I do? I wondered to myself. I could do what the voice said but I didn’t know who or what was on the other end. They could be more dangerous than what I just endured. Deciding that if the person wanted to harm me they would after all there was nothing I could do to defend myself.

“Over here,” the voice spoke again, directing me to their location. With my guts twisted in nuts, I followed the direction of the voice but stopped when it instructed me.

“Sit down,” I sat down waiting. What now?

“You are so beautiful,” I sharpley twist to the side and was met with a dark hair gorgeous woman with grey eyes and a speck of purple in their depth. She wore all white, a gracious smile on her motherly face. Looking at my surrounding, I saw that the mist still covered the entire land. I was able to see the woman and myself, but nothing else.

“Who are you? Where is this?” I asked in awe.

“This place -” she waved her hands around, “is somewhere inside purgatory.” So I was in purgatory after all. “I have been waiting for this day for a long time now.” I furrowed my brows, what did that mean?

“And as for my identity, who do you think I am?” she smiled softly at me, studying my face, drinking in my features. I observed her closely, my eyes widening when I realized she look a little like me.

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