Chapter 41

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I was so damn nervous and I didn't wanted to go inside my room. He must be damn angry on me for telling his mom about the maid thing. But what can I do?? He had to pay for his behavior and one day or the other truth was bound to come in front of them so why not now??

And why should I be nervous?? I haven't done anything wrong. I only want to make him realize his mistake. Yes, I shouldn't be nervous I kept on telling this to myself. After few more minutes of calming down my breath and taking deep breaths I turned the knob after saying Bismillah.

"No,I just don't care get a maid for the house" he was shouting over the call.

"Get this in your thick head I want the maid by tomorrow morning and if not then you're fired!!" He threatened. I quickly snatched the cell from his hand and took it in my hand.

"Sir, please don't do this. I'll try my level best..but you have to understand it's already late now and how can I get a house maid by seven in the morning??" The other person said almost pleadingly.
I glared at Arhaan. And he just shrugged.

"First of all Calm down!! Take deep one is going to fire you unless I say" I said to that man. Now Arhaan was looking at me as if I'm a mad woman.

"Take your time, no need to rush. Just get us a good maid for the house ASAP. No one is going to fire you and this I assure you again. You can start searching from tomorrow morning and can give the result by the evening." I told him politely.

"Sure Mam..thank you so much." He said and hang up.

"Why do you have to talk to him so politely??" He asked.

"Why do you have to talk to him so rudely??" I asked.

"I asked first" he said folding his arms across his chest.

"So??" I raised my eyebrows.

"God!! Why do you have to be so stubborn??" He said dramatically.

"And why do you always had to behave so rudely with everyone??" I said.

"Mahira your taking his side?? I practically pay him for all this work. And he had to do that work within that time limit" he said.

"And what if he's not able to complete his work?? You'll fire him??" I asked.

"Maybe" he shrugged.

"And have you ever thought that what if dad fire you from your post because of your dirty side business that leads to skipping office now and then??" I smirked as I said.

"You're a blackmailer" he said.

"Learned from you" I said and shrugged.

"Arhaan think before you say anything to someone. You're not a kid anymore that everyone will ignore your nasty words!! You're a grown up man. By hearing his voice only I can say that he's an elderly man, he must be having his own sweet family and you firing him can make him and his happy family sad!!

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