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taehyung pov

I love jungkook


he doesn't love me

jin loves me


I don't love jin


Why does life have to be so fuckin complicated. Why can't we live in a world filled with pikachus, ponytas, & jigglypuffs but no we have to be stuck in a world filled with no pokemons and lots of heart breaks

Speaking of heart breaks, the boy who broke mine is right next to me

yoongi told me we were going to hang out, which obviously was a lie since he is no where to be seen and jungkook is actually the one taking me to an unknown place. Could be Hogwarts but I shouldn't get my hopes up.

I shifted in my seat uncomfortably

he didn't even put music on making it completely silent in the car, only the sound of our breath was filling the air.

Having enough of the silent atmosphere, I grabbed a hold of the deserted aux cord and plugged it in my phone.

Suddenly the pokemon theme song blasted throughout the car, I sang along, not messing a single word.

" hell no, we are not listening to this shit " he yanked my phone and threw it onto my lap.

rude asshole

I pouted and crossed my arms
" jin would of let me "

" well I'm not jin and stop making that ugly face "

I sighed and sunk myself deeper into the car seat.

I just need to wait until I get my ice cream then I can go home


" this isn't the ice cream shop " I pouted and stomped around in circles, professional releasing all my emotions out.

" stop being a fuckin kid " he yanked my arm and dragged me into the small café

Once we enter the smell of coffee hit my face, there was variations of coffee flavor swirling around the air that it was like I was overdosing just by breathing the air.

I followed behind jungkook, he began to order our drinks without even my consent on what I want. I was about to say something but the order was already placed.

We sat near a window and waited quietly for our order to arrive. My eyes were focused on nothing else but my black converse. I didn't want to look at him at all. I fiddled with my fingers, trying to pass the time.

" sorry "

" huh? " I looked up, his eyes were already locked on me

He was about to say something else but a young lady interrupted, handing each of us our drinks

I took a sip of my drink and being the clumsy person I am, I burned my tongue in the process. I could feel my face turn red, my cheeks were burning and I honestly felt so embarrassed. I kept my head down trying to calm myself down.

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