Chapter 13

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Gary's POV

Am I ready to send this letter. Obviously he will reject the offer,I mean,I flat out called him a piece of shit. Maybe I shouldn't or else I'll just open up the wounds and- "hey baby,why are you in your study,you know that we're supposed to get the weeding arrangements" Cameron says walking over to me with a soft smile on his face "I was just wondering if I should send this out" "who's it for baby?" He says with a concerned look on his face "it's for an old friend,Ash Ketchum" "how do you know him?" "We were best friends/enemy's in Kanto" tears ready to fall "babe,what happened between you two?" He said with worry in his voice "well,about 10 or so years ago,we were together. That was until I started to yell at him and called him a piece of shit and what not.after that,he ran away and that was it for us....but I'm happy for that actually,cus I never would have met you" I say kissing him on the cheeks

"oh,okay. That great to know,what's his name again?" "Ash Ketchum?" "Oh,I think I've heard about him,he's the champion of the Kanto region,isn't he?"  He states with a puzzled look on his face "yeah,that's him" "oh well he actually dating one of my friends. We also used to date. That was,when he wanted me" he lowers his head "what happened between you two?" "Well,he only loved me for my body. Whenever I didn't want to fuck him,he would ignore me" he whispered as I watched tears fall from his eyes. I grab his chin "babe,look at me. You can't get rid of me,I'm stuck to you babe" he lifts his head and chuckles slightly "you always know exactly what you say"

Ash's POV

I'm still think over if I should go or not. I mean,he broke my fragile heart. I mean for gods sakes,he cheated on me and called me a piece of shit. But I know that my mum and professor oak will be there. Plus he were best friends/enemies.....ya know what,I'm gonna be happy for him and go to the wedding.

I found the rsvp number and typed it into the phone "hello,this is Gary oak" "h-hey,Gary,I was just calling to rsvp for your w-wedding" I says rubbing my neck "oh-OH! Hey ash,how are ya doing?" He says cautiously "I'm doing pretty well,I married someone I met in unova. Pikachu recently died though,still mourning the loss of him" I reply,tears threatening to fall "oh...I'm sorry to hear that,umbreon recently passed away.anyways,who's the lucky guy?" Trying his hardest not to bawl himself "oh yeah,Alex Smith" Gary's words stuff and slightly angry "how did you know that?" "Oh,Cameron knows Alex and they used to date" "wow,what a coincidence,huh.....well I better get going,we're looking into maybe cloning pikachu from one of his skin cells. I'll text you later maybe" "oh,okay,see you later.hope it goes well ash" and he hung up the phone
Well,I have to say,that was eventful,slightly

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