Chapter 14

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Ashes POV

The next few days agonising, all I could think about was if pikachu was ready to be cloned *ring ring* *ring ring* "hello, this is ash Ketchum here, how may I help you?" I says nonchalant "why hello ash, I'm calling to to tell you that pikachu a match, the cloning process will take about 3 days so he should be ready for your wedding" professor oak replies, only more excitement is in his voice. The thought of Me finally getting back the pikachu I lost in the final battle in the unova league "please remember to make him the strongest version of himself since he died" I started to shed a tear as I thought again about the electric mouse "will do ash. Now I better get back to work. Goodbye Ash" "see ya profess-" *beep beep beep beep* looks like he hung the phone up. As I got out the scrapbook of all my and pikachus memories.

My eyes start to become cloudy as I look down at the first time me and pikachu  met outside professor house, the same place he electrocuted the audience.

I look over to the next picture of us in the unova league just before the battles startin- *pika pika* pikachu?! I know that voice from anywhere. I turn around to be greeted by Alex and a happy looking pikachu "PIKACHU!!!!!" I yell as Pikachu ran to me. Obviously I was crying being that my childhood friend was alive once more.

I went to check on professor oak as he had a nasty accident prior to finishing the cloning.
When I walked into oaks room, he was faced down next to his bed in a pile of blood
What the fuck happened??????

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