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Chapter Nine

"I have an idea."

          It was the end of the school day. People shoved and bumped into one another, in a hurry to leave this horrid place we all called school. Usually that bothered me; people bumping into me, pushing me, jabbing me in the ribs with their elbows. But I was in a good mood, and I was sure nothing could change that.

"You've built your walls so high no one can climb them. But I'm gonna try."

"What is it?" I turned to him and asked, regarding his idea.

"Well," He started, "I was thinking that if you wanted to, I could help you break out of that shell you're hiding in. You know, only if you want to."

I could say that I was definitely not expecting that.

I looked up at him with stunned eyes. He was rubbing his neck. "I mean, it was just an idea. We don't have to go through with it, I--"


          "What?" He said, his wide blue-eyed gaze fixed on me.

          "I think I could do that."

          His eyes gleamed with hope. "You do?"

          "Yeah," I nodded slowly. "I know it's going to be hard, but.. maybe it's for the better. I want to change."

          No one in the past three years had attempted to help me get over all the things I had gone through. Of course, I told myself that I never actually wanted help because I couldn't trust anyone after everything that had happened to me, but the fact that Logan would help me do that, made my heart melt. I knew it was going to be hard, but if he was willing to help, I was willing to let him.

          He smiled widely. I smiled shyly in return and looked away, feeling my cheeks heat up in a soft blush.

          As I glanced away, I realized that we were outside of school, standing on the steps in front of the entrance. I also realized that Kacey was walking towards us, looking very pissed off.

          Uh oh.

          "Woah, what happened there?" Logan asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion when he saw the change in my expression.

           "Kacey's walking towards us." I mumbled so she wouldn't overhear as she approached us. Right when Kacey had stopped in front of us, I looked up at her, and I could tell she was fuming by the way she was tightly clenching her jaw. She glared at me.

          "I thought I was clear." She said sharply.

"Listen, Kacey. You should probably know that there isn't even the slightest chance that we will ever be together." Logan stated as he motioned between himself and her. "You need to stop telling her to stay away from me when nothing will ever happen between you and I."

Her eyes burned with fire as she stared at him square in the eyes. It scared me when the corner of her lips slowly tugged upwards into a smug smirk.

"Fine," She finally said. She locked gazes with me and made sure to let her cold eyes linger on mine. Then, without another word, she walked off and left us behind.

          I looked up at Logan with worry clear in my eyes. He noticed my fear and grabbed my arm. His hand was warm and soft, and it comforted me.

          "Hey," he said softly. "It's okay. I won't let her hurt you or do anything to you."

          I nodded, smiling shyly at him.

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