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jungkook pov

5 days...

5 days and still no sign of yoongi

No phone call. not even a small text to assure he's doing all right

These past few days I felt nothing but guilt. Guilt for the way I treated him. Guilt for disappointing him and guilt for hurting taehyung

I've been thinking, thinking of who the real jungkook is and where he could be hiding.

Does the real jungkook make his friends disappointed of him?

does he hurt others?

Is he more happier then me?

Does he have someone to hold and love?

Does taehyung make him feel like this?

" fuck " I yanked my pillow and covered my face, stressed out and beyond confused on how I'm suppose to feel.

Why can't I stop thinking about you, taehyung

Why the fuck did I kiss that girl?

All of this wouldn't have happen if I didn't kiss that bitch. The kiss wasn't even good, girl doesn't know how to kiss

I feel like someone is stabbing me right now

I don't know way but ever since I came across the red headed boy, I been feeling weird things.

feelings that aren't mine

Feelings that are consuming me

Feelings that are craving for touches, touches from none other then kim taehyung

Why does it feel like someone is trying to tell me something?

I let out a sigh, removing the soft pillow from my face

I reached for my phone to take a glimpse of the time but during the process something caught my eye. The pink stuff bunny I was given when I was just 6. My hands quickly grabbed a hold of the pink object.

I sat in silence, eyes locked on the pink fluff ball in my hands.

" I don't even remember who gave me you " I forced out a chuckle

I just sat there, watching as wet substance landed on the pink object.

I held it tight, bringing it up to my chest


Why can't I stop thinking of you?

Why do I want you to be right here by me? Be here to hold you, to see you're smile, to just be  with you.

The only way for me to find out who I am and to get the small, red headed boy out of my mind is to get near him.


He can help me

Maybe he has the answer


taehyung pov

" I don't know how you can live in place filled with so much kids "

" yoongi it's an orphanage, what do you expect? "

" more like a zoo "

" I heard that! "

I watched as yoongi and jin bickered back and forth like cats and dogs while I keep eating my pokemon pancakes jin made me.

It has been 5 days since yoongi left his shared apartment with jungkook and is now staying at our place.

He hasn't said of word about the reason of his leaving and it's been bugging me for the past 5 days

I'm not going to lie, I've been worried

Worried about jungkook and him being alone by himself

I know he can take care of himself, even my kookie could but he's not my kookie. Maybe this jungkook is scared of the dark, maybe he hates thunderstorms, maybe..

Maybe he like girly things! my kookie didn't but maybe this one does

I giggled imagining jungkook having his own hidden collection of my little pony

" tae baby, what's so funny? "

I snapped out of my giggle fest and stared at the smiling jin in front of me

I stuffed another pieces of pancake in my mouth and smiled at him
" nothing jin hehe "

He lightly squeezed my check, which earned a pout from me but he then gave me a small peck on my lips.

" you're so cute, I'm so lucky to be your boyfriend "

I took a sip of my milk, trying to cool down my already heated face

" get a fuckin room " yoongi scuffed

" we would but you'll still be able to hear " jin send me a wink which yoongi didn't mess, resulting to him rolling his eyes

I dropped my head, trying to hide my obvious cherry, red face

" you guys are gross "

The sound of the door bell then echoed throughout the house

With that I also herd small footsteps making their way downstairs

" I"wl get it, hwung!! "

It was little woozi

I waited patiently from the kitchen room for the little one to open the door to reveal who was the cause of the door bell

" kookie hwung!! "


A really quick update because I've been leaving you guys hanging
Not the best chapter but it's something
Thank you guys for reading <3

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