How Many Children You Have Plus 1 Matchup <matchups closed>

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So sorry for not posting yesterday, it was my first day back home and I was Pokemon hunting with ma homies.  *cough* perceabeth *cough* and others lel

shIPS ARE CLOSED SORRY IM REALLY BUSYYYY :((( I promised this one that I would update yesterday but I didn't I'm sorry man. *hug*

Plus I need ideas for preferences. I'm working on the labor chapter part two but that will take a very long time cause u know me I'm slow as a snail. 🐌


Hobbies include running, performing arts, reading and watching movies.

She's shy at first but once you get to know her she's really outgoing.

She wants to be shipped with a man.

She has dark brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights.

She loves movies, summer, desserts and track meets.

I ship you with Loki because you both kind of have the same interests and you guys clicked!!!

Hope you liked it sorry for the delay!

Anyway I'm always curious about this certain topic...

How old do you think I am? What do I look like to you? Am I a kind person or a mean person? I want to know what my readers think of me, I don't want to seem like an idiot.


You guys just have the twins. Having two children is enough!


You guys have three children! They're tiring, yes, but they are pretty adorable!


You guys have FOUR BABIES! Oh boy, are they ever tiring, but you both love them to death.


You guys just have one. It's more simple and you both like the idea of a small family.


You both have two children, so they can at least have each other. You guys didn't want a huge family or a small one.


One kid is enough for you both. Nuf said.


Like Steve, you two were fine with twins. You didn't want a house full of babies, but you wanted at least two.


You guys have three babies. Bucky has a huge soft spot for them, and you both think that three is enough!


You guys have three babies, like Bucky. You two love them to death, and are thinking about having a fourth baby!


Just one is enough for a while. Soon, Wanda got pregnant so your son can have a sibling and you both can have another baby awe

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